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ever wondered what attracts us more, is it the good things around? Actually no, these are the bad things. If you do not agree on me this, just pick up today’s newspaper or switch on the currently running TV news show. What are the headlines? What does these headlines intend to do to our thinking, do they intend to cheer us up or they just wish to strike our dark side? You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to answer these things.

So, once again, what attracts us more?Yes Sir,these are bad things, we like when some one gets hurt, get cheated,get tricked, and when it comes to some one you don’t like , you may actually like to get him dead. What does this mean? This means we have a dark side, deep in our psychology which is actually so dominant that it decides our penchant. Just go to a DVD store to grab a movie, you will surely choose an action flick, with some action picked pictures on its cover, which shows blood,guns,some foul guys and colors like red,grey on it. You will leave behind all those movie DVDs which have a pleasant-looking cover and I am here not considering the case when you get attracted to the a particular actor or songs in a movie or when you come to know about how good the movie is. Adrenaline is the reason as some may argue to this, but this may not be true. You can feel the rush of adrenaline in even watching good stuff, like the movie ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ ,right?  So, what is it about the bad things that attracts us. It many be anything, but what ever it is, it is very powerful as far as social carving of a society is concerned. It is that same thing, which give all the journalists the excuse to showcase the grey shaded news as a part of headlines.

This thing is now deep-rooted in our attitude. Whenever we see something new, something which is still untouched or unexplored, we tend to look at its so-called harmful effects and its consequences first, and 80% of the time. For the rest of 20%, we may look for what that thing can actually be, and what can be its uses. We are addicted to this ‘look at the negative side’ syndrome. And this thing is actually doing something, which it may be devised for,it is damaging our confidence, and more than that it is damaging our attitude. We are turning out to be cowards, and worst is that we now fear of things that we not even experienced.A morning news about robbery can induce a thought in us, that the city is not safe, and the next morning ,we would wake up in an unsafe city, with fears of robbery deep-rooted in our minds. This thing sends a message to us that everything around us is bad, foul, and ultimately we loose hopes about these things. And slowly, losing hope become our habit, we start losing hope in almost everything.

Now just turn this upside down. What if we pick up the news paper in the morning, which has news about a small  boy saving lives in a flood, a soldier marching on a freezing height for its country,doctors successfully doing some impossible operation,some used to poor guy making it big in his business etc. What kind of impact would such a newspaper would have on us. This would be giving us faith and strength to deal with problems in our daily life If he can do this, so can I. We will start making inferences  from success stories around us to our lives.We would be more strong, and as a whole our society would be a better place to live.

So,why only these negative  news are floating around us? Don’t know, it can be a conspiracy. On a bigger picture , this seems like a damn mental conditioning campaign against us, run by whom?May be those who don’t like to see us as a  strong person. Whatever, the case be, I feel we can achieve a neutrality, remember everything is zero, is the rule of nature. So, I believe we can actually empower our brighter sides and dim our dark sides, we just need some positive mental conditioning-books are one such medium, but please choose your books wisely.Or we can lie in our beds watching these shitty movies,TV shows to corrode our attitude and confidence.The battle has always been there between our dark side and bright side, but it need our extra effort to raise our brighter side.And we need to do this our own, because no one else is doing this for us, you can see!


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