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Dear Mr.Lizard,

Hope you are fine and healthy. Last week , when you came into my room without asking for a permission, I thought you too were ‘Shani Dev’ priest, who wouldn’t care for permission to enter my house premises. They even don’t ask for offerings to Shani Dev, just show us his metal idol. He is indeed gangster of gods, collecting ‘haftas’ every week, in this manner. But in the beginning, I was quite offended by you for you should have asked for a permission first. However later I found out that my door bell was not working, so how could you have rung the bells anyways? So, I apologize for your inconvenience. (Smiling Apologetically)

Last night I saw a few small lizard babies, taking a stroll near my precious collection of junk newspapers, might that be yours? If the answer is yes, might I ask you for a bit of family planning! They were no less than six, as I tried counting while chasing them out of my room. How could you afford a family of six children in these times of inflated rates? Or, let me ask you if you are aware of the contraceptives? I know our family planning schemes suck, the population is anyways increasing at same pace. But citizens like you and me have to act responsibly. You would feel elated to know that I am doing my part quite well for I don’t even have a girl friend, leave apart marriage.

Mr.Lizard, let me remind you that we are going out this weekend to catch some movies, so the room shall be locked. So, we wouldn’t be able to meet you this weekend. You must be wondering which all movies are coming to theaters this weekend. To be honest , even I don’t know. But after watching Bhag Milkha Bhag and D-Day, I feel like catching some English movie to detoxify the melodrama dose I had to swallow in those movies, or I could end up watching Ekta kapoor serials. You don’t want that, Do you? Every self respecting male in this country hate K-series serials. This must be a problem in your house too.

Mikha,D-Day, Saas

By the way, Mr.Lizard, let me let you that you have a new neighbor now- Mr.Cat. Mr.Cat has been roaming around our premises for last few days. I first doubted that he belonged to some political party, who would ask me to vote for their candidate in next poll. But how foolish of me that was! I just forgot that political parties don’t come to people’s door to ask for votes nowadays, they do it through media by threatening us of communal-ism, bad economy, caste politics and governance. Btw, Mr.Lizard who are you voting for in the next elections- Rahul or Modi? I request you to vote for yourself and India. Anyways, I later found that Mr.Cat is actually a tenant in our neighboring home. But let me remind you, he is not a nice person, he walked away from me last time when we had an eye to eye contact. That was rude, I mean he could have said Hi.

Mr.Lizard, now I must also tell you about this cricket in our house. He thinks he is Justin Beiber, he makes so much noise, and it doesn’t make any sense. My ears are in pain. Be it day or night, he never stops. Strangely, some other weird creatures are in love with him, they too start making noise when he begins. This has been very troubling to us. I know you have special skills to eliminate such creatures. I know you will find him and you will kill him (Liam Neisson voice). So, let me ask for this small help, would you please look into the matter? 

Source: www.fanpop.com ,www.killermoviereviews.com

Source: http://www.fanpop.com ,www.killermoviereviews.com

In the end Mr.Lizard, thank you for last time get together we had. It was entertaining as you ran funny around my room while I tried chasing you with a broom in my hand. This witchcraft game we played, defeats the current India- Zimbabwe series, in entertaining. So, for next time, I have devised a new game. Its called ‘Being Human’. In this game I will beat you so hard, that you would drop off your tale and run off, just like other lizards do often. And then, I will play a celebrity, because I am being human to you.

Source: Firstpost.com

Source: Firstpost.com

Eagerly waiting for our next rendezvous,

Your friendly neighborhood,



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I am a great fan of Chuck Norris and Rajnikanth jokes, and ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ type movies, but neither of these fetch emotions out of me better than current state of affairs in India. I mean, sometimes, it is hard to decide whether I should laugh out load or cry on a particular event. Do the people around me do things deliberately or they are born that way?

Take for example Justice Katju incident, when he  said that 90% of Indians are fool, because they vote in the name religion, caste,region etc. The next day , the entire media was filled with headlines ‘Justice Katju says  Indians are fool’. Come on, give me a break ! The media was not even displaying the “because they vote in the name religion, caste,region etc” part in their headlines and reporting. Pathetic! After a few days, I got to hear what came to me as absolute shock, two students sent legal notice to Mr.Katju for defaming Indians by calling 90% of them fools. I was like- “Come on man, WTF!”. It was not only the media,and those two students but also a majority group on Facebook and Twitter also went sentimental about the whole issue, and I am not even counting bloggers here because they were the worst.  They were coming with new techniques to justify how 90% Indians are not fools- Ridiculous !

Now, why are we so touchy?  What is wrong with us?  When it comes to Pakistan and China, we have all the patronizing energy in the world, but when it comes to understand a social issue about us, our balls drop off. Our intellect switches off, and we become zero. It would not be a genius task to understand that what Mr.Katju said was not factual  but indicative, and in-spite of taking the real things it was indicating to, we started cursing the indicator itself. Superb! The entire discussion should have been about “why Indians vote in the name of religion, race, caste etc ?”, but it went to “How can Katju say such a thing?”. Those who were criticizing Katju didn’t even bothered to say that the points he had raised were correct and they would take care of these things before the next general elections. My house maid has been consuming tobacco for almost forty years now and she is healthy , but she never sued Government for displaying those anti-tobacco banners,all around the city, saying “You could die”, with names and faces of people who died because of that. Why? Because she got it, she understood that the posters were indicative and the real problem is tobacco. I guess she was smarter than those who went after Katju, with guns in mouth. The reply Mr.Katju filed to those two students was an epic and answer to all the “touchy and soft-soft” Indians. Here is what he replied to them- Justice Katju’s Reply

Now ,was that  the end? Hell no! The saga just begun. Then came the incident of SRK. SRK in his article said that some people made him  a symbol of unpatriotic things in a particular community, and he was asked to prove his patriotism by criticizing Pakistan. Obviosly he wasn’t happy about that. But wait! Here came the real champion of the Muslim cause- Mr. Rehmaan Malik. Mr. Malik went on to say that SRK should be provided security in India. Why did he say that? I don’t know, may be he has  amnesia, he totally forgot that SRK is an Indian and it is duty of Indian Home Minister to take care of his security if he needs, and also that Mr. Malik is not the Indian home minister, but Pakistani interior minister.  But I don’t care too much about amnesia suffering Pakistanis, but what touchy Indians would think. How did we react? “Come on man! We love SRK so much, and he said such things..sad!”, “He is an idol, if he says he is insecure, the rest would also think so”, and etc etc. First of all he didn’t say that he felt insecure. And second, why we are more worried about what he said, and why not about why he said so? So, again touchy Indians are discussing about why did SRK made such comments, everywhere- Houses, Media, Print. But I didn’t see any discussion on what should be done to avoid any such thing to happen again with SRK. Why? May be because we touchy Indians were hurt enough by what someone else told us about what SRK told that US magazine. Wooof ! You must be touchy and  laborious to think all the way through this! 

Next in the queue was Kamal Hasan. The pooer guy didn’t even got a chance to say what he wanted to, because apparently a few religious groups were hurt enough ,without actually watching the movie.Will you please let the people decide if the movie is of good taste or not?

Now here is the epic conclusion, only next to epic conclusion of Dark Knight series. A few days back, Mr.Kejriwal went on to say that there are thieves in parliament, and the entire community of MP’s got mad over the language he used. They delivered long speeches to remind the Team Anna about supremacy of Parliament in a democracy and slapped them with privilege notice. So, one of my friend said -“Yaar! why these people are so senti? Obviously they didn’t mean every MP, take the message, don’t shoot the messenger. Why they are not saying anything about removing such MP?”. A few weeks later, when the Justice Katju controversy broke out, he said- “Yaar! This man should have not said that, what did he mean by Indians are fools?”. I was like- “You got to be kidding me now!”. He was the one who asked MPs not to shoot the messenger, and now he himself shot one. I guess, our politicians are not so different from us, but just like us- Touchy. Just like when we got touchy during Katju, SRK and Kamal Hasan episode, they too got touchy about Team Anna’s “thieves” episode. Just like we ignored the real matter behind the controversies, and got stunned by words, they too ignored the real matter and got stunned by words. What right now it gives us to judge them? Doesn’t that make us a bunch of hypocrites?

Well we are not 100% hypocrites yet, but we are on a coarse to be. Our logics and conclusions should be driven towards “Why/How” factor, rather than “What’ factor. Or else, we could end up being an Ostrich nation where people would bury their heads in sand after looking at a problem, and going “quack quack” about the issue. This is what we must not become. So, I would suggest, don’t trust media, politicians and celebrities blindly and be an anteater, digging enough into the sand to reach where the ants are, where the real issue lies. And by the way, contrary to the famous myth, Ostrich doesn’t bury his head in sand in real. So, that leaves the sword hanging on our heads only.

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There is a special breed of nations on world strategic and diplomatic spectrum. They don’t need need weapons or military to keep s country under their influence. They don’t need mighty land masses to reflect their superiority and circle of influence. They don’t need cyber attacks and hacking of government sites to remind other of their existence. They use a more effective weapon- culture. What is culture?It has many vague definitions, yet the best could be : (1) the evolved human capacity to classify and represent experiences with symbols, and to act imaginatively and creatively; and (2) the distinct ways that people living in different parts of the world classified and represented their experiences, and acted creatively. This world of interwoven economies and connected societies through Internet and media is more exposed to a cultural invasion than any other type of invasion in the world. The effects of cultural invasions are more deeper and long termed than any atomic bomb. They might take several hundred years before one could forge them out of their lives, and in some cases, they might not go at all but encroach into social DNA of the society. this is the very source of Soft power of country, a power that holds more gravity than fighter jets or nuclear missiles.

So, who are the cultural invaders around us? What are the implications? And how they are influencing our thoughts and lives in a way that we might not even notice? Lets have a look at the biggest cultural invaders of out world.


1. United Kingdom

The cultural dominance of UK is so strong and deep rooted into our daily lives and systems that many a times we just don’t look at them, or sometimes when we observe, we do it very naively. They are ruling the culture of the world by their language- English.Today their is hardly any country where English is not spoken. It is a must for communicating around the world (unless you are living in caves and jungles). The dominance of english can be attributed to vast colonial empire of the British over the world which they used to call as the Commonwealth. They ruled the world trade of modern world for almost three centuries before US rose. Now, if you have to trade with the wealthy, you have to learn about their language. Hence came the concept of an international language english. the economic dominance and colonial vastness of the British forced english and english attributes on the world. The english etiquettes became synonymous to progress, so the third world also begun to learn. Not only this, many like India adopted the english way to administration, democracy and education system believing the fact that the model UK had was the best in the world for a comprehensive social change and welfare. Later the emergence of USA only strengthened this belief and hence continued the invasion to more untouched parts of the world. Today, their language, education, food, administration,democracy and social structure is well adopted throughout the world that if names of many countries are eradicated and skin of people is not taken into consideration, you will identify more than fifty  percent world as England.


2. USA

The superpower of new world is not only a strategic aggressor but also a large cultural invader. The economic powerhouse of the world, USA, has flashed the entire world with its economic might and the concept of great American dream. They started the use of media for tackling USSR in cold war, but it proved more effective than that. Their aggressive media campaigns paved the way for replication of US culture in other countries. The new world was fascinated with the US way of lifestyle, cultural and social sophistication, economic growth and concepts of liberty and freedom in USA. These are few aspects every individual desired for in a world of economic and social disparity. Hence they bought the great US dream and tried to implement that in their life. This was further pushed by consumerism and dominance of US in production. Almost every consumption item was manufactured or invented in US.And with every item came a bit of US culture. They exported jeans and synthetics.They exported sweet water (Cola) and burgers. They exported nudity and vulgarism. They exported cinematic excellence and free journalistic standards. They exported financial systems and corporate managements. And rest  bought them, because though they didn’t  live in US, but they believed in great American dream.No need to mention the current status of this invasion, You can see a little bit of US in market, cinema halls, books, science labs, management rooms,roads, restaurants, Universities and the biggest- Internet.


3. India

Though the cultural invasion of India is not as mighty as that of US or UK is, but it certainly the most influential. India not only holds the seconds largest population of the world, but Indians are also among the largest immigrant societies of the world.The resource development in India has been phenomenal, and they were absorbed quickly in almost every large corporate house of the World. The great Silicon valley revolution in US holds its credit to many Indians like Vinod Khosla and Sabeer Bhatia. And then there are many corporate marvels like LN Mittal, Indira Nooyi, TATA, Rajat Gupta, Vikram Pandit. Indian immigrants contributed heavily to economical development of different countries. So the immigrants carried a bit of  India with them, like Yoga, Spirituality, Education, Literature, Food etc. The Indian cultured penetrated into other cultures like this. Not only this, India itself has been a land of different immigrants like Parsis, Jews, Muslims etc. Indian has been the cultural center of Asia, and many students from different countries like Nepal, Bhutan, SriLanka, Myanmar, Korea, Middle East, West Africa, China, Viet Nam have been coming here for economical yet good education. Examples- Suu Kyi (Myanmar), Prachanda (Nepal) and Prince of Bhutan. When such students go back ,they carry with themselves the value system and cultural systems of India. Also from historic point of view when India controlled  over forty percent of world’s GDP. Rajendra I( Chola) invaded the south east Asia and established an empire till Sumatra. He planted the seeds of Indian culture these south east Asian countries whose reflection is still very much alive in the form of temples and Ramayana/Mahabharata literature samples in S-E Asia.The rest of the cultural invasion is carried by Indian media and cinema. Due to this single reason, the cultural boundaries of Mumbai can felt to Russia in north, Australia in east and US in west. The middle east and south Asia has always been  great importers of Indian cinema.Last but not the least, India exported religions to the world, and among the most influential was Buddhism. Buddhism holds a huge quanta of Indian culture , value system and philosophy. The main importers were China, S-E Asia, but until recently the western nations started a slow but encouraging import of religions as well.


4.  Arabs

The Arabs were among the greatest traders of the world, and medieval history is full of Arabian trade stories and expeditions. Arabs carried Islam to many untouched parts of the world through trade and later through empirical aggressions. The effort resulted in an Islamic-regional tradition and cultural fusion. Many parts of the world today follow Islamic teachings, carried by those medieval traders and rulers, and there are not many purely Arabic in nature. They follow a fusion of regional and Islam culture, which can be seen in many countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan etc. The architectural influence of Arabs can be clearly identified in these regions, and the knowledge of basic Arabic script is also quite a proof. Though in present times, this Arab invasion is almost negligible, but it is still very much alive with many Muslims traveling to Mecca  for religious learnings and paying their homage to shrines. The influence of Arabian food is also quite remarkable throughout the world. The new economic spectrum of oil diplomacy is also a major contributor to this phenomena, where many visit Arabian countries for trade and commerce purpose, hence carry a bit a Arabia with them, when come back.     


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“Leaders must be close enough to relate to people, but far enough ahead to motivate them.”- John Maxwell.

Ever since from the beginning of history, the civilization has been moved ahead by those who dared to sail through the oceans to find new islands, and on their path, the rest would come. This is what leaders do to our society. A leader not only pulls himself out of set horizons but also pulls the environment around him out of its set standards to new horizons. Take any leader, from any field. This is the signature of leaders. A leader is not only an individual, but he is an idea, and ideas can persist into depths never reached before, planting seeds of change in those trenches where even the light doesn’t dare to enter.

Take Steve Jobs. Steve was not just another genius who patented 342 patents in USA, or who established another computer company. Steve Jobs was an idea, idea of perfectionism and innovation, and how these two attributes can revolutionize the society. Steve was the idea of giving up everything to achieve greater goods, idea that every technical mind can create a better tomorrow. So when Steve Job pulled himself out of misery and rose to next level, it was not Steve who rose, he pulled the entire community of computer entrepreneurs out of their misery. Why? Simply because the rest followed him. He showed them how to do a thing, and then they replicated. He planted this idea of computer entrepreneurship in young minds. And then we had Microsoft as a result of that idea, Bill Gates though reflects a completely different value system, was indeed a product of Steve’s milestones and idea. And not only new ones like Microsoft or Apple, the older big brothers like IBM  also had pull themselves out of their sub-standard services and dead end innovation culture to compete with Apple.

Take Ambani. Dhirubhai was not a normal businessman but rather he was the idea that even a common man with little higher education can earn millions just by his diligence and business sense. Or Sir APJ A. Kalam, no ordinary scientist but the idea that even a financially poor kid could become a missile scientist and president of  the largest democracy in the world. What about Shah Rukh Khan? Though people sometimes compare SRK with Amir or Salman and taunt him for not being better than other Khans, but he belongs to the rare breed of leaders in our cinema industry. He stands for the idea that someone from a completely non “filmi” background and family can achieve more than the superstars born in a “filmi” family. It would be an SRK, not Amir or Salman, who pulls newcomers out of their home and compels them to come to Mumbai to pursue their dreams. Talk about Corporate sector, why Infosys holds a special place in hearts of people, even though we have giants like IBM, HP, Capegemini, Accenture and TCS in the same sector, performing better than Infosys? Simply because Infosys came much later than these companies in the time when our country was crippled with socialistic economy and slow growth due to red tape-ism.Infosys was the fastest growing company of Indian origin for almost a decade, untill recenlty when Congnizant replaced it. Infosys reflects the idea that even a new small company can give scares to big names, in a tough market situation, against all odds, and is synonymous to aspirations of average Indian entrepreneur. We can search for names and there are many- Sachin Tendulkar, the idea of non white batsman ruling cricket record books; Saurav Ganguly, idea of aggression in Indian team; Sushil Kumar, idea of perfection in individual level sports; Vishy Anand, idea of complete dominance in game thought as the toughest mind game. This indeed is an endless list.

So, leaders have to have an idea of existence and their rise should be reflected by a corresponding rise in their environment. This is the filter paper test for a leader. Lets try this on Rahul Gandhi. What idea does he reflect? If he rises, who else will rise along with him? Tough questions.He surely reflects the idea of political czarism, and single family dominance over a party. So if he rises, many like him- Akhilesh Yadav, Sachin Piolet, Omar Abdullah, will also rise to next level. Narendra Modi? He reflects the idea of grass root level party worker becoming Chief Minister, so if he rises, grass root level party workers will surely rise along with him. Arvind Kejrival? He reflects the idea of radical fight against corrupt political system and an IRS leaving his lucrative job to enter hardliner social activism. So if he rises, everyone tired of this political system , wanting a radical change will  rise.

And this is where lies the solution to many of our socio-economic and political problems. Along with producing jobs, liquidity etc for welfare of society, we must also produce leaders from different sections of society. Its like the situation where rather than moving people individually under a shelter, you create shelters for them at different locations in a rainy season. Leaders are like those shelters. This way you can reach out to maximum number of people and can benefit maximum number of people at the same time.  If we create a leader in an economically weaker section of society, and if he rises, he will pull the entire section out of their misery, they will follow his footsteps. If you want to bring a social change in a society , create a leader through that social change in that society and the society will follow the footsteps of the leader and will bring the social change as a whole. This very thing is the basis of many leadership programs running in many MNCs, many management institutions and many social services. They prepare leaders and then hire them to tackle the situations of a jungle market. Many fail, a few survive and those who survive  rise. And when they rise, they pull hundred like them out of routine and put them into same jungle market. In this way, companies always end up having better prospects in market and with more number of leaders than before. This approach should now be adopted by the state also. Traditionally the political leaders are meant to be the leaders of a certain section of society, but seems like they hardly can be a leader. So now, a new format of leadership program should be launched, just like many subsidy and financial plans, to create leaders among weaker sections of the society, to create leaders among loosely moral social structure and to create leaders among future thinkers.



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Objectivism : If there is a glass of 150 ml , and there is  100 ml water in that, people may say its not full-we need to fill it. Some might say its enough full and we should cherish this much. Well..well! What you interpret is not worth anything, the truth remains eternal and unchanged from the individual perspectives that there is 100 ml water in a 150 ml glass.The awareness of this eternal truth which can be tested and proof read on every reason and every experiment, is Objectivism.

Reading Ayn Rand is so much revolutionary that sometimes it takes the entire perception into her dimensions. She advocated objectivism and iterate need to purify thoughts not on subject grounds but objective view of the world. Only through Objectivism, one could achieve real happiness and real purpose for life. If he lives in delusions, he will never find the real happiness. Also what is advocated is that the individuals can only achieve their 100% if they completely follow the call of their true nature.And who knows true nature of someone?..Well no one else than that someone. So, if you want to achieve that 100% out of your nature to have the happiness you are meant for, you must follow the path directed by your own soul and not listen to anyone else in this world. Don’t follow someone else’s footprint just because he made it big, but follow the path what you conscience think is good for you. Then and only then you can achieve true success and 100% satisfaction.This is termed as individualism. Remember the character Howard Roark and think of his attributes. That is individualism. No matter what the world says, you will do what your heart says, you will do what you are made for. That us individualism. So far so good.

But then there is a very disturbing fact about man- man is a social animal. What we do is affected by and affects the world around us, and hence we are responsible for the actions we do and their impact on society.Hence there is a social ethics and value code system, which tells an individual to perform his work for the welfare of society and mankind, and to restore balance around his world. This is collectivism. I do things, I take care of the society , my family, my friends and my country.And if necessary, I will do things I was asked to do for the welfare of society.That is collectivism.

But here comes the area of dispute. An individualism  follower, say I, goes to a town where there is a social code to follow collectivism.People in the town are poor and there are not enough resources to feed everyone. The land nearby is not so fertile. The town people have agreed upon to do agriculture to produce maximum and to feed their families in town. So when I arrives, they ask him to do agriculture, as they all agreed upon. They must be thinking-“Ah! two more hands, we might cultivate the unused 2 acre of land now, and eat a little more before we sleep “. But I likes to paint. He doesn’t know how to cultivate and even working in a field may result in hard hands which may spoil his painting skills. Also I is an individualist, so no matter what others would say, he will not grow wheat in a field but rather paint the field on a canvas. So here is the dispute. I is not doing something which will make the lives of people in the city easy and hence just painting his canvas, which is of no use to people there. So no one is purchasing his paintings, he is running out of money, to earn he must  cultivate now. Otherwise he will die out of empty stomach. But if he does agriculture, he is going to be sad and cursed for not achieving 100%. So, for now collectivism wins.

Now lets suppose I also started working on fields. He does 14 hours of field work daily and after a decade he forgets to paint, and even if he wants, he can’t paint with his muscular hands.The picture of town after a decade is same as it was before. People get up early, go to fields, work 14 hours, come back have tea with family in the evening, eat a light meal in the night and sleep. There is no shopping mall, just food markets. There are no T.V,  computer, cars, jets, jeans, designer trousers, remarkable monuments, electric heater and everything else which is not related to fields. So town is almost dead in growth of civilization, they are what they were 100 years back and what they are going to be 100 years later. Only if they allowed someone like I to pursue his will and nature, they would have got something more fruitful for growth of civilization. Individualism wins now!

This very difference in philosophical views give rise different political ideologies. No brownie points to guess that individualism is the mother of capitalism and collectivism is father of socialism. And the fight of capitalism and socialism is very much real, as we can sight the  example of  The Cold War.

Capitalism calls for individual benefits and economic welfare through Laissez faire , means do not disturb. It calls for no government interference in  human development and his economic actions.It assumes that human develop their 100% potential (individualism) only through a free environment and no outside interference(true by any sense) .On the other hand Socialism calls for a greater social responsibility, and to put society first (anti individualism a.k.a collectivism).It calls for greater equality in distribution of resources to mankind and hence to bring every human being to same level of living (very good intentions indeed). The fight between socialism and capitalism has been very fruitful as it produced may great thinkers like ,Marx,Hitler (..thinker?),Che Guevara,Mao from socialism camp and Truman,Ayn Rand, Kennedy, Churchill from capitalist camp.But the true winner out of this is the  philosophy of not taking either of these so seriously and implement attributes of both- The Mixed Economies.

So some smarties who chose not to take part in Cold War (like India..hehe) solved the puzzle of individualism (Capitalism) versus collectivism (Socialism) by some simple arithmetic.  What they did is that they put the model of socialism to sectors which were subjected to great harassment during colonial rule, where people were exploited heavily and which would directly influence people in the society for their basic needs  but were in bad shape. Example- Agriculture, Defense, Steel, Infrastructure,banking etc.  And they adopted  the model of  capitalism to sectors which they thought were in good shape and could  sustain with capitalistic flavors without affecting public in general.Examples- The small textile industries,  education centers etc.  They reviewed their stance after a certain time to check the health of each sector. And when they found that the shape of previously weak sectors was fine after a few decades and there was certain amount of money available to people to show equality better than before, they adopted capitalistic model for those sectors too (1991 reforms,India). However they did not let go major influencing sectors like defense, rail,etc as they thought that these things with individualistic approach have the capability to affect masses gravely. But except of a few, they opened up almost all of the manufacturing  sectors for capitalistic aspirations. For sectors like  Pharmacy,  alcohols etc, people would still need a license(socialistic model as these directly influence people) .

To put in simple, the mixed economists went to the collectivism town and told them to continue yielding grain (and increase production somehow) for another few years till they are made self sufficient and once they become self sufficient and had plenty to eat before sleep, smarties asked a few of them like I to do what their mind tells. So after the town had enough to eat, I started painting and G (he used to work earlier in fields) started to make computers. Slowly and steadily, the town got food, TV, paintings, computers….and they lived happy ever after.

The proof of success of mixed economy model is that today there is hardly any purely socialistic or capitalistic country left. We have socialist China pursuing government controlled capitalistic model and capitalistic US president talking about taxing largely earning folks more so that government can help out people in their health insurances and education etc.

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