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i open my dreamy eyes in the morning, hearing “John Cena” theme, my alarm and think of the upcoming day. Job! Ah….! The routine job work thoughts kill all morning enthusiasm. But no, i am not a pessimist, i will feed my empty head with something new today…i will learn something new today!

Learning ….ah…..this is something to mind like food to stomach, electricity to bulb, smoke to cigarette, processor to computer,constitution to nation and  olive to wine. without learning, my mind goes mad, it starts planning about revolts against social injustice, revolution,big businesses,best beach holidays,upcoming movies,learning guitar,piano,sitar,to be a businessman,an entrepreneur,a leader,a minister or the PM. Learning controls my mad mind, and more than that it gives me a task for the day to finish and a psychological aim  to achieve.

my team mate is making something over a new technology, at his computer screen, there is something weird, something that i can feel is not of my project , although i don’t know every thing about my project. i ask him what is it?

“a JAVA TOOL!” -my team mate.


mission accomplished! i got my aim for today,  i got what i need to learn….the JAVA TOOL making.

“its SWINGS”-he says.

“teach me how to use the SWINGS to make the JAVA TOOL”-with no sense of pride and fake arrogance of knowledge, almost kneeling in front of him, that’s me. Arrogance, i learned is dangerous to mental health, it confines you into a small sphere of negligence, where you keep thinking about only thing-yourself.

“OK, m sending you the code, have a look and learn from it”-he says.

“yes please”-me. The code has been captured, and now the detailed study can be conducted on it for further knowledge of Swing architecture and data flow. this may take several hours, and if lucky, may take a few days. And guess what? i am lucky.

so lets slower this process of learning,  which could be finished within a few hours, so that this task can provide me some moral support for a few days. i can spend a few more days on this task, hence would not need some other new thing to learn for upcoming few days. so rather than going bang-bang on the SWING, lets go and eat something out.

i return after some smart meal to my system, and open the code given by my teammate.

“What the f***?”-happiness in my eyes. Some new code, in front of my eyes after so many days of seeing that routine project code. it seems so elegant and beautiful like some new flower in the garden of cactus. i smells so fresh.

lets dig in it. I read the code and open a blank project to write down my own samples.

“ah-this way is the text box , that way is the radio button, this way is the command button, that way is the action listeners”-m doing my own coding, though looking into the code of my mate and in between asking him about things which are alien to my vast knowledge.

dig it, rub it, squash it, hit it! no stops, no breaks,  I finish the entire sample project in two hours , the beautiful replica of my mate’s code. the architecture is clear, the tags are known, task completed!

“Task completed! what the f***?” -now this one is sad! “what to learn now for tomorrow?”

i am low again. Mailbox is flooded, lets check mails now!

“please send across the status of defects assigned to you in the morning”-Team Lead

“what the F***?” now this one is amazement. “when did they  assign bugs?”

spent my entire day learning something new, and forgot about my daily work-awesome! now what?

chat  session starts:-

me: hi?

Lead: hey? watz ur status?

me:till when we need to finish this?

Lead: today only!

me: okay, i will finish them today and will drop you a mail when finished.

Lead: okay, take your time, plz finish it today only.


its already 6:00 pm. four defects assigned against my name. open the usual project code and check what needed to be done.

“Ah-already working”-means something wrongly tested, thanks to testing team, for this quick fix defect.

The rest of defects takes me 1.5 hours to end them. yes, after six months of routine job in a project, even an owl can fix defects in an hour, and I am not an owl, i am a systems engineer,  i don’t have wings and round eyes.

leave my office at around 8:00 pm, after checking some secret mails from the friends who spend their time in jobs other than learning, no need to elaborate this. these mails can only be seen only when there are no one around you, for the sake of important and confidential information in them.

@Home , around 8:30 pm, eat usual roti-sabzi, sabzi being too oily, self explaining why my cook “AUNTY JI” calls  for refined oil after every week. we are the unknown brand ambassadors of Dalda in the weekdays and Kingfisher and Blender’s Pride in the weekends.

going for sleep, but still thinking about newly learned JAVA architecture, and mad mind planning of making softwares using it that would fail google tools. Ah-i am optimist. This sentence is a complement to optimism itself.

next morning:-“What will i learn today????”


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