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10 Best Reads- Books.

“There are more worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.”-Ray Bradbury.

1. Mrityunjaya (by Shivaji Sawant):



Originally in Marathi (I read its Hindi translated version), this one is a biography of Karna. Written in a very unique style of different narrative versions of Karna, Kunti, Krishna which makes the reasoning more logical from both sides of the fence. And there is no mythical description of warfare but the more real picture of the war affairs.But this is not what makes this book special,its the literary prose of the book. There are some very extraordinary similes and metaphors being used in the book, and they need a very liberal mind to interpret their true essence. For example- Mention of breast milk at the event when Kunti first met Karna to signify the essence of motherhood. Its was written in a very beautiful way, and yet had a very strong meaning pertaining to the situation, which is something one can’t resist applauding after first read. Similarly the mention of characters was very beautiful because of the kind of fairness and respect given to every character by the author. Duryodhan (Kaurav side) and Arjun (Pandav side) were never portrayed as antihero or hero, evil or good, they were portrayed just like simple men with simple yet extraordinary qualities and basic human instincts. This flavor of neutrality is what makes this book so special. And the soul of the book is moved by basic inspiration of excellence and character building by a man despite being oppressed and fighting against contemporary social evils of cast-ism and feudalism.

2. Code name God (by Mani Bhowmick):



This one is the masterpiece from the man who invented LASIK. Mani explains the characteristics and features of god, and successfully proves the existence of god from scientific point of view. And its so simple and logical than mythological tales from Holy books that it appeals to the reader in a very amazing way. From a literary point of view , its one of the most simply written books I have ever read. Mani brings very lively explanation of wealth and philanthropy along with Gandhian values. Mani also tells story from his childhood and you can’t stop yourself being motivated. Though he cautiously dealt with his poor living days, but you would surely think of him as a phoenix raising from ashes.And ultimately the search of God is what makes this book so soul catching. Along with that, small affairs of Mani with celebrity girls bring light moments and laughter in the book, time to time. To put in simple words, if you love science and believe in god- go for this book.

3.The Fountainhead (by Ayn Rand):



The queen of objectivism and rational thoughts brings an amazing fiction of an imaginary genius- Howard Roark. This book is simply revolutionary, this is to creative objectivists what Das-Kapital is to communists. The situations are simple and sometimes non attractive but they are interwoven with fabric of conversation between different characters, where lies the masterstroke of this book. You simply can’t get enough of what Roark says, his one liners and his attitude. Other characters are also well defined and pose a very strong resemblance to our day to day life, and this is what makes this book so lively. You can find a Keating,Wynand,Toohey etc in your day to day life, although finding a Roark is tough (had been impossible for me).The charcter of Toohey was inspired by British socialist Harold Laski, and hence Toohey brings the most impressive conversations on social hegemony of creative minds.Except of the finer details about the architecture sciences, the rest of the book holds the readers tight and scratch their minds with the different views of the world.

4.Peoplewatching (by Desmond Morris):


This one is the book of body-languages and psychology reading, in a scientific way. Desmond Morris being a Zoologist primarily brings the features of humans and their significance in defining their mental quotients on different sets of qualities like fear, happiness, confidence, habits etc. However in his effort to estimate and draw a map of mental features of a human being, he sometimes compare humans too naively with other animals and their character sets, underestimating the complexity of human mind. But, these are small references in the book and bring no such nonsense element. Reading about primary behaviors like thumb-sucking, restless legs and hands, different angled neck and body postures etc are fun to read and their interpretations sometimes amaze. You can’t stop evaluating yourself while reading this book, only to find that there are certain exceptions in every scenario, hence your analysis could be wrong. But then this book is definitely helpful in basic behavior and body-language reading. Morris has written in a very non complex way and tried his best to interest the readers with dynamic flow and examples of the book.One of the most unique books in this genre.

5.The Greatest Secret in the World (by Og Mandino):



This one is not an ordinary ‘Robin Sharma’ type motivational book.Rather this one is a work book.This is a very good account of mind conditioning and Og hasn’t used that word anywhere in the book-Amazing!. The plan and exercises in the book seem naive at first sight but are rather quite powerful in making an eventful and lively day out of an ordinary nothing so special day.But the book asks for too much commitment, and this may not be the case for a few of us lazy souls,who resist their best to be bound in a set of rules and discipline. But as the book says- indiscipline and procrastinations are bad habits, one must get rid of them. Hence the first few weeks with the book is actually tough where you go nowhere, but stuck with first ten pages. But once the discipline is created,the book starts developing your mindset and sometimes reflections on events.In simple- surrender completely , and leave the rest to the book- result shall be fruitful.

6. God Created Integers (by Stephen Hawkins):


Strictly for science and specially math lovers. This is an historical account of mathematical genesis from time of early Greeks(Pythagoras) to modern minds (Alan Turing).The proof and Q.E.D are not plain text book theorems but rather a real time synopsis and analysis of nature, and its mathematical implications. If you want to see a whole picture about Irrational numbers, Fibonacci Series, Binary Systems etc, go for this book. Hawkins’ way of penning down a clear thought about mathematical fundamentals is really appreciable. He doesn’t spend too much pages on writing about complex nature of things, but rather emphasized in evolution of mathematical thought. So if you have hunger for knowledge, this one is your buffet.

7. Moonwalking with Einstein (by Joshua Foer):



Amazing stuff! Joshua is an pan-American memory athlete and champion. This book is his autobiography styled written memory improvement book. The book moves ahead with Joshua’s life as a normal man and his amazement with memorizers with great capacity he met, to Joshua’s becoming as one the memory athlete himself. In coarse of his struggle to achieve a good memory, the lessons given to him are actually written out to help the reader. The techniques are so powerful that you can test them yourself with simple no requirement of assets. The book is written in a light and joyful flavor and comic timings are special treat to readers. One of the most creative books about a topic that is more or less out of normal public reach-memory athleticism. This book inspire you to try the techniques yourself and amaze you when you find them so powerful. But good things come with a package- here it is mental exhaustion of techniques, which makes them tough to use routinely.

8. Greatest Works of Kahlil Gibran:


Kahlil Gibran is a Sufi poet, and writes about reflection of soul and humanity. But that is not what is so special about him, what is special is his literary genius of portraying soul and life in simple words and situations.He is one of his kind, and can’t be compared with anyone in this genre. Poems written by him are simple, powerful and very soul satisfying. Gibran reflects upon almost every individual hurdle of characters of a man and redefine the entire concept of soul by those characters. This book moves the soul of reader and has the tendency to sooth or calm the unsettling minds.For example- In one of his works, he defines beauty and ugliness as individual women, and defines their characteristics, based on a story- which is a very moving account of nature in a simple way.Not much can be written about his work, but rather it should be experienced by reader himself.

9. Swami and friends (by R.K Narayan):


The most beautiful book ever read. RKN is a magician and he unveils the sorcery of emotions and lives framed in rural India. Simple Marvelous! Most amazing aspect of the book is its appeal to all age groups- a ten years old may find it as tickling as a 60 years old may find it nostalgic. Nostalgic! yes the book is very nostalgic, as it will force you to remember your childhood days and friends and as the book moves , you would identify yourself as the protagonist-Swami. The simplicity is the masterpiece of this book and the naive accounts of kid’s affairs is something to cherish. As Swami grows up and new circumstances develop in his life, the reader is forced to stare at his life with amazement and too much emotional involvement. This one is a one-go book, you pick it up and you don’t want to leave it till you finish. This is how RKN unveils his magic.




The charisma of Napoleon is still very much alive, and this book proves the same. The smartly written Emil Ludwig’s work is a complete account of Napoleon’s life, which inspire extraordinarily. The character of Napoleon is well developed by Emil and there is little or no extrapolation of circumstances around Napoleon,which makes this book special. This is not fully praise nor entirely critical of Napoleon, which makes his character more real and which makes the character of this book more genuine. Emil’s way of writing is simple and flow of the book is dynamic. Little attention is given on the non important events of Napoleon’s life and more significant events were rigorously told and explained. This is a very ordinary book yet it is special for being a fair biography, not a all gaga biography about the protagonist.


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