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(Prelude: Eve before the Battle of Hydaspes, Alexander versus Porus, based on pure fiction only)


The moment has come. The moment I have been waiting for, moment of my eternity and my peace. Standing at the end of the world, I wish to conquer the world, but the sun daily reminds me of my limits. If he can’t conquer the entire earth at one time, how can I?
Enough of the blood has been shed, and my victory marches are painted red.The blood belonged to my brothers of same soil and brothers who belonged to distant waters.But the blood must be shed, if the cost of uniting humanity is this, then so be it. A day will come when the brothers of distant lands will embrace each other and the land filled with blood will grow roses of brotherhood. Then who will ask for blood that was shed to achieve that day? Who will remember those who marched thousand miles away from their homes to explore the hidden parts of the earth and unreached signs of humanity?
So, this land of Hydaspes river must be won, for it stands taller than gods themselves in front of me, and now even gods can’t stop what I started. Across this river stands our freedom, freedom from the purpose of unification of World, freedom from the purpose of sword and freedom from fear of failure. Across this river stands my home, where my mothers, my sisters, my wives and my children live and die, the home where I belong to.
My brothers in army have broken body, but a lion soul. The homes they dreamt of , the time we left our homes, are now faded in their imagination. So, this land must be won, before their memories die, and with them, will die their soul. What kind of world would that be, where men have no soul, no home?
Hey Zeus! Let me bear your thunder for the last time, to perish my own brothers of this land, dwelling in jungles of ignorance and fields of oblivion . Let me bear your thunder to burn down their palaces of identities and sheds of skin.Let me bear your thunder for the last time to liberate my sisters and mothers across the river. Let their be no fear of a joyful failure, and no rejoicing of a tiring success, but only submission to purpose. The purpose to unite the earth under one sun, and if not achieved in this life ,for it, I will born to die again.



The gardens have sunflower and fields along Jhelum make a rejoicing moment in the evening. Tomorrow, the fields will have iron striking with each other, and fire will be born, by the same hands which cultivated the fields.The calm and placid evening sky will be reigned by vultures, and they will shadow the sun. But Hey vulture! You will have to wait till we finish our small games of ambitions and ego tomorrow. You will have to wait till our swords drink blood of our mortal bodies and immortal courage. Can you wait till then? Your feast will be rejoicing, for you will eat the flesh of the finest of the men, who died for what they believed in- freedom.
What is freedom? A piece of land or flowing waters? A home for man or a place to burn his body? An uncontrolled ambition, or the will to rise against it? An ocean of beliefs or a tide of ignorance which shakes it? 
Perhaps freedom is this evening sun, with clear blue sky. Perhaps freedom is a field of sunflowers, smelling like home. Or perhaps it is the idea of having everything, that we call life. This very moment is freedom, with sunshine kissing my face and keeping it warm, with cold evening breeze passing through my body and soothing my soul. Freedom is not home, or my wife. Neither it is my god, nor it is my palace. Freedom is this very moment, when I cherish what I have- my home, my wife, my gods and my palace.How would I be cherishing this if I had myself submitted to his authority? Is the Cheif of Gandhara free, who still has his home, wife, gods and palaces but has submitted to his rule? How could he be, how could he cherish what he has, if he knows what he has is nothing but a begging gift?
So, I am ready for the battle and face the my destiny. If the cost of freedom is my blood, then so be it. If the blood is not shed for freedom,for what greater purpose ,else,will it be shed for? So, I am ready to meet Shiva in the battle fields, the god of warriors and demons,for warrior inside every demon and demon inside every warrior. Let the land be filled with my blood before they cross the river, and let it paint the river red, which will go into the ocean and make new gems of warriors. Let my blood be the water for grains in our fields, and let every new born eat that grain and become a part of me.This way, for freedom, I will be born again, born  to die again.

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His eyes are steady, and claws as sharp as a razor. Sitting on the top of a dead tree, he is not at all moving but just staring at the movements on the grounds. He has been silent for the few last stormy days. The storm was very hard upon others, many lost their lives , many lost their homes. But he didn’t move from that tree. This tree is what gives him the perfect position to have a nice look on maximum movements on the ground.So he didn’t go anywhere , leaving this tree. He knows that if he had a chance to survive , its definitely would be on this tree.
Up upon the sky, vultures are roaming, waiting for the death spell on earth. Their eyes are lusty for tons of meat, of those who will die because of this storm. They are watching  the smalls and they are looking for the big ones, as they know the big ones fail sooner. But he doesn’t feed upon the dead, he is designed to hunt. So, he doesn’t bother about vultures over him. He waits for his time to come, on the tree. Silent, with steady eyes.
As the  night falls upon the ground, the sky ruling vultures come down to feed upon the big dead ones. But the small one are still surviving. They are surviving not only the storm but also the snake searching for them on ground. The snake is blind, but smells the flesh of the weak, chases them to hell.To be weak, is not pardoned. The snake is searching for the weak, and the weak are hiding in bushes around. The snake waits patiently near a pit full of rain water. Snake knows, the weak  would come to water for survival, and their survival could be his death. So the snake waits near the pit, he barely moves, he is invisible in the wet mud of the ground and the snake waits for the weak to come.
Sitting up on the tree, he watches the death spell casted on the ground. And he is waiting for his prey to come out in open. He doesn’t look at the vultures feeding upon the dead. He looks at his reflection on the water, in a rain fed pit. His reflection is moved by waves on the water, but his body is steady. His vision is not altered even a bit by his disturbed reflection. So, he waits on the tree, looking at his reflection on the water, as if his soul is captured in that water filled pit.
The weak rat is thirsty. The rat has traveled many miles, through holes and creeps to reach here. The rat survived the storm, digging into the earth and hiding in there. But now he is thirsty. He must drink, he must reach to the pit, and get his life back. If the rat doesn’t reach out to the pit, the earth will swallow his dead remains. He will die in his own hole. So the rat moves out of his hole, behind the bushes, to reach out to pit for water, with every foot lied on earth like feather dropped.
The snake can smell the rat coming. The snake is zealous, but waits for the rat to fall into his reach. He knows the rat will come for the doomed waters. So he slowly flexes his body, to achieve the position of an arrow, waiting for his target.
He watches his prey moving slowly around the pit, and he knows this is the moment he waited for this long. So, he unfold his angel wings out and shadows the entire branch of the tree.He swiftly watches his reflection in the water, and he judges his position on the tree.He bends forwards, and slightly folds his wings backwards, only to dive down towards the pit, for this is the moment he was waiting for, this is when he feeds himself.
The rat reaches near the pit, and the snake smells his blood. The snake perceive the rat in reach, and prepares to unveil the devil. Whereas he flies down straight to the pit like a lightening strike, his feathers scratching through the moist air after the storm. He is is determined to hunt down his prey. The snake opens his venomous jaws, to reach out to the rat with poison and launches his arrow shaped body towards the rat. Little does the rat knows, that the death awaits near the pit.The rat moves two steps forwards, and feels a sudden air blowing through his weak but sensitive skin hairs. So the rat stares up on the sky to look for the air, and watches a dark shadow flying down,  like a ghost. Rat gets awestruck by the dark shadow and loose thirst for a moment. The same moment, snake comes on the top of  rat, from the other side, venom bleeding out from snake’s fangs waiting to be injected into rat’s veins the next moment. The vultures near by are suddenly scared, and makes way for the king to land. The eagle has come to for his prey and vultures watch him agape. He flows down to reach just above the rat and the rat is not moving. He came so fast that even the snake couldn’t sense him coming. So , the eagle, opens up his claws, bends his legs forward to hunt down his prey. The snake too strikes down on the rat, to inject the venom. But before the snake could touch the rat with his fangs, he felt his neck being punctured by swords struck through them. Out of an unbearable pain, the snake turns back, and sees the claws of the Eagle thrashing his throat.The snake realizes that in a storm, not only the weak but also the exposed are not pardoned and he exposed himself when he moved in the wet mud. The eagle has got his prey.  


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“Leaders must be close enough to relate to people, but far enough ahead to motivate them.”- John Maxwell.

Ever since from the beginning of history, the civilization has been moved ahead by those who dared to sail through the oceans to find new islands, and on their path, the rest would come. This is what leaders do to our society. A leader not only pulls himself out of set horizons but also pulls the environment around him out of its set standards to new horizons. Take any leader, from any field. This is the signature of leaders. A leader is not only an individual, but he is an idea, and ideas can persist into depths never reached before, planting seeds of change in those trenches where even the light doesn’t dare to enter.

Take Steve Jobs. Steve was not just another genius who patented 342 patents in USA, or who established another computer company. Steve Jobs was an idea, idea of perfectionism and innovation, and how these two attributes can revolutionize the society. Steve was the idea of giving up everything to achieve greater goods, idea that every technical mind can create a better tomorrow. So when Steve Job pulled himself out of misery and rose to next level, it was not Steve who rose, he pulled the entire community of computer entrepreneurs out of their misery. Why? Simply because the rest followed him. He showed them how to do a thing, and then they replicated. He planted this idea of computer entrepreneurship in young minds. And then we had Microsoft as a result of that idea, Bill Gates though reflects a completely different value system, was indeed a product of Steve’s milestones and idea. And not only new ones like Microsoft or Apple, the older big brothers like IBM  also had pull themselves out of their sub-standard services and dead end innovation culture to compete with Apple.

Take Ambani. Dhirubhai was not a normal businessman but rather he was the idea that even a common man with little higher education can earn millions just by his diligence and business sense. Or Sir APJ A. Kalam, no ordinary scientist but the idea that even a financially poor kid could become a missile scientist and president of  the largest democracy in the world. What about Shah Rukh Khan? Though people sometimes compare SRK with Amir or Salman and taunt him for not being better than other Khans, but he belongs to the rare breed of leaders in our cinema industry. He stands for the idea that someone from a completely non “filmi” background and family can achieve more than the superstars born in a “filmi” family. It would be an SRK, not Amir or Salman, who pulls newcomers out of their home and compels them to come to Mumbai to pursue their dreams. Talk about Corporate sector, why Infosys holds a special place in hearts of people, even though we have giants like IBM, HP, Capegemini, Accenture and TCS in the same sector, performing better than Infosys? Simply because Infosys came much later than these companies in the time when our country was crippled with socialistic economy and slow growth due to red tape-ism.Infosys was the fastest growing company of Indian origin for almost a decade, untill recenlty when Congnizant replaced it. Infosys reflects the idea that even a new small company can give scares to big names, in a tough market situation, against all odds, and is synonymous to aspirations of average Indian entrepreneur. We can search for names and there are many- Sachin Tendulkar, the idea of non white batsman ruling cricket record books; Saurav Ganguly, idea of aggression in Indian team; Sushil Kumar, idea of perfection in individual level sports; Vishy Anand, idea of complete dominance in game thought as the toughest mind game. This indeed is an endless list.

So, leaders have to have an idea of existence and their rise should be reflected by a corresponding rise in their environment. This is the filter paper test for a leader. Lets try this on Rahul Gandhi. What idea does he reflect? If he rises, who else will rise along with him? Tough questions.He surely reflects the idea of political czarism, and single family dominance over a party. So if he rises, many like him- Akhilesh Yadav, Sachin Piolet, Omar Abdullah, will also rise to next level. Narendra Modi? He reflects the idea of grass root level party worker becoming Chief Minister, so if he rises, grass root level party workers will surely rise along with him. Arvind Kejrival? He reflects the idea of radical fight against corrupt political system and an IRS leaving his lucrative job to enter hardliner social activism. So if he rises, everyone tired of this political system , wanting a radical change will  rise.

And this is where lies the solution to many of our socio-economic and political problems. Along with producing jobs, liquidity etc for welfare of society, we must also produce leaders from different sections of society. Its like the situation where rather than moving people individually under a shelter, you create shelters for them at different locations in a rainy season. Leaders are like those shelters. This way you can reach out to maximum number of people and can benefit maximum number of people at the same time.  If we create a leader in an economically weaker section of society, and if he rises, he will pull the entire section out of their misery, they will follow his footsteps. If you want to bring a social change in a society , create a leader through that social change in that society and the society will follow the footsteps of the leader and will bring the social change as a whole. This very thing is the basis of many leadership programs running in many MNCs, many management institutions and many social services. They prepare leaders and then hire them to tackle the situations of a jungle market. Many fail, a few survive and those who survive  rise. And when they rise, they pull hundred like them out of routine and put them into same jungle market. In this way, companies always end up having better prospects in market and with more number of leaders than before. This approach should now be adopted by the state also. Traditionally the political leaders are meant to be the leaders of a certain section of society, but seems like they hardly can be a leader. So now, a new format of leadership program should be launched, just like many subsidy and financial plans, to create leaders among weaker sections of the society, to create leaders among loosely moral social structure and to create leaders among future thinkers.



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