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A new idea is delicate. It can be killed by a sneer or a yawn; it can be stabbed to death by a joke or worried to death by a frown on the right person’s brow.
Charles Brower

Out of my lazy and half sleepy mind, suddenly comes out a flash of crazy idea to pen down anything that simple floats in my mind,  and then try to percieve it as a selling product. And with some great amazement, the ideas were really igniting, though not very polished, only second to the ideas which come into once’s mind after having a few pags of royal british scotch. So here they are, in front of you. Treat them like anything u want, as they just floated out of mind, without any second thought colliding on their surface.Since no idea is second to other,i am giving them all ranking 1. that’s weird!

  1. Open Education Portals

Lets suppose we have a system where any student can go anywhere in the nation to study anything and then appear for any sort of test. And if he passes that test , he will be awarded a certificate for that. Study shall be done on a portal like facebook or anything else which could be accessed from anywhere in the country, just pay for internet bills and study. No university, no graduations, no schools, just study anything u want and then appear for exams. Wouldn’t that be exciting when a student would have a very versatile profile like certificates in Maths, Music, Media,and International relations.

  1. Free ware profit sharing sites

What if the google or the yahoo or the microsoft tell u to be their bussiness head for a certain period of time and whatever profit the company makes in that period , u will get a share of that, depending on the profit made. This very stupid but simple idea can give birth to a whole lot of freeware sites which can be manged in different domains in different geographical locations by different people, and all those people will get a share of benefit their domain would make in that period.Lets suppose I made a website , say newstories.com. Now newstories.com would have different domains like horror, romance,GK,science,fiction,general etc. Lets supppose we assign these domains to different number of people in a country, and tell them –“Listen buddy!..u guys have got two months of time, anything that your section will make in these two months, you will get 5% of that.”. Numerous people will be drawn to such company, and will put their best effort to fetch company the profit. Good deal for company, good deal for people, plus we create a large pool of freelancers.

  1. Home kitchen restaurant.

No one of us like to go to a restaurant to get a costly meal,we prefer home made food. What if there is one portal where u can find list of people in the city who offer u food made in their kitchen. Lets suppose your cook is not available for a week. But no worries, u just go to that portal online or make a call , to see which all houses near you are provding kitchen food today, at what rates. And then u book your timings for the meal, you go to the house, pass them the slip , eat there in family environment, pay them and come back. That is from the customer point of view, from the point of view of person provinding the services, he can be made famous showcasing his cookery skills by not even opening a restaurant, but in his won kitchen. Making money out of what you do everyday, at your own costs. Housewives would be so happy.

  1. Idea garner Sites

I really wanted one site where I could go and draft my ideas  with the use of some tools and then very easily file a patent from my name for that ideas, plus publisize my idea. And if some one like my idea to be purchased and to be further used for his bussiness, we can fix a deal using the site, paying  a certain share to site. Is there any site like this, where u can find if that thing u are thinking about has already been created by some one else and u should not spend too much on that idea, as its already there. Is there a site which provide me ideas for starting a new bussiness, where I am willing to pay for that idea too?

  1.  payBill sites.

What if someone takes care of all your bills, your landline bill, your electricity bills,your house rents, your insurance payments, your inverstments, your gas bills or any sort of bill you pay in your routine life. Wouldn’t that be cool , if all the bills are sent to that one point, and they pay them all, sending you an integrated report. In return, you pay them the amount of bills, plus some service charge. Atleast they are saving you time to go to different locations to submit the bills. Every one like timely submission of bills , with no hectic go here-there schedule.

Well I am running short of ideas now, may be someother day, they float in my mind. As far as these ideas are concerned, I am not that energetic nor that disciplined to implement them right now. May be anyone of you would use that for making some buks.

Till then, signing off,

Your own,

Dustbin brainer



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