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we are heading to a planet named earth which is now all ruined, we don’t know what the reasons were. Earth looks bright brownish on the centre with white patches here and there and on the poles. This might be the ice. The samples our scientists taken from earth show a huge amount of radioactiveness. Probabily this planet died out of some radioactive eruption on large scale. Any ways we will be finding out what kind of life earth had.


Three days after landing on this planet, we have some solid evidences that this land had supported life with enormous potential and skills. We have got a scribed thin paper written something over there. When our scientist translated that language, it said “The God hammered the opponents with his mighty fire power. He was firing dragons out of his stick”. This means that this place was actually were the god incarnated, and he showed people his power in open. This disapprove our old theory that there is no god. They used to call him “Sachin”.


Further studies show that creatures here were highly complex in terms of relationships. they had here a complex system called country and they even used to fight each other based on that geographical division. Our scientists are digging the proofs to find out why they used to do so? There is no explaination to such a behaviour for such an  evolved species. And i am quite amazed to think that if that was the situation here, why didn’t Sachin do anything?


We today found some mysterious proofs about these creatures. They used to have faith in some mysterious force, to which they prayed. Sometimes they called him Allah, sometimes Jesus, sometimes Budhha,sometimes Ram, sometimes mother Mary. There were lot of  other names also to which they used to refer it, but nowhere in the proofs we found something where they would call this force ‘Sachin’. I don’t know why??…was that paper proof fake??..or might be the case that Sachin was above this force??


After we have found their gods, now we have found their demons. In the extreme eastern part of this planet, they would call a demon..China. As we move a bit west, they would call the demon by the name of America or Bush. When we move more to west, they would call this demon Taliban or Osama. By the description of demon on these parts of the planet, our scientists are sure that they were refering to one single man, but based on geographical location they would call him a China, or Bush , or Osama.In the place where we landed, we also found some proofs where people used to call him a McGrath or Malinga, troubling god Sachin, although the description of these demons was entirely different from those mentioned earlier.

Date 21/12/8000

These people used to have a very powerfull weapom called inflation. All of them were scared of it. Governments used to execute people using that weapon. If we can find the technology to create that weapon, we might control more planets using it. Our search to find inflation is on.

Date 22/12/8000

We have ample of proofs now which show that this was a female dominated creature. The female was the reason to most of the fights. We have found large fossils of males around female fossils, showing their social power. What a sissy creature these were?

Date 23/12/8000

Nowhere on the earth, we have found inflation. But then we have found some blueprints of other weapons that these creatures used to have. We have found a cylendrical solid which the female used against male, they used to call it a ‘Belan’. Then we have blueprints of weapon called ‘Vote’, our scientists are trying to decode its blueprint, which is though very tough. Then we have something called a ‘cigeratte’. Intially it seems waste but later we found that it can kill an organic cell in few moments, pretty powerfull weapon. But then , we have some papers which say about a weapon , deadliest of all, it was called Marriage. We need to discover it.


We have found here samples of something called Beer. These creatures used to drink it a lot irrespective of their geographical location. There are evidences that show huge collection fossils around places where we found samples of beer. That means beer used to unite these creatures in some way. May be it was a very high energy drink, we emits positive rays to influence the mind of nearby creature, to synchronise his mind with the others. It is found that they could see moon and stars far far away, even in day, after drinking beer.Wonderfull technology, need to find how beer worked exactly and how to form it?


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