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Cinema is often called the fusion of thoughts, ideologies and creativity which acts as entertainment as well as reflection of the society. In this regard, the characters of movies should have dual characters of already being an existing social phenomena as well as the force which can influence thousand watching the character. For example, the character of Ajay Devgan in Gangajal is both, a hypothetical character that can influence many watching the movie as well as a character carved out of some already existing person.

In this regard , these characters are capable of influencing a large section of society, as well as the reflection of society itself,or what a society aspire for. This makes the art of movie making a very responsible and accountable phenomena, definitely not a game for careless creative heads who use cinema to pacify their adrenaline rush.

If the same theory is extrapolated to leading characters if the movie, which are often called heroes and heroines, we can state that they are the soul keepers of the movie and its ideologies. These are the characters which are most liable to influence the viewers, or to reflect their aspirations. Now, there are two major types of leading characters found in movies-

A. The Calm, Confident and Robust.

Remember Amitabh Bachchan of Deewar, he was angry for all the injustice labor class had to bear but seldom he was over expressive about his feelings. He had calm eyes, not too expressive about his surroundings and having a bit of anger reflecting. Come to facial expression, they were more near to neutral than to be very angry A slight stretch around lips , and little eyebrow movement was enough for this character to express his thoughts. Same was the case with his dialogue delivery, he seldom raised the pitch of his voice, not even when he was talking to greatest of his foes. He took all his time to deliver his dialogue, as if he knew that he wouldn’t be stopped,and their were smoothness in the way he said things. No irregular pauses, no screaming, no anger outburst and no ugly swearing! This was the reflection of his gentle attitude and confidence. 

There were many characters carved out around this personality cult. Most famous were Vijay (Deewar), Vijay(Zanjeer), SP Amit Kumar (Gangajal), Karan (Karan Arjun ) in Hindi Cinema. Unfortunately, there are not many characters in Hindi Cinema following these personality features. After trying on certain actors, writers almost gave up the idea of a cool attitude hero. But Hollywood cashed on this personality cult and was very successful. They had characters like James Bond, Blondie (The good , the bad and the Ugly), Don Corleone( The Godfather), Frank Lucas (American Gangster), Acchiles (Troy), Ocean (Ocean 11), Frank Martin (The Transporter), Batman (The Dark Knight) and many more. In fact the idea of this personality cult was so strong that when James Bond moved from more gentleman Peirce Brosnan to more expressive (still Gentleman) Daniel Craig, there were huge debate about if he was a good choice for the character of James Bond. The ‘blondie’ is still the most loved hero character quoting about which Jim Carry while addressing to Clint Eastwood himself in an award function said that everyone wanted to be Clint Eastwood.


B. Expressive, Emotional and Angry.

Perfect example of this genre is Leonidas of 300. He screamed, his face was too expressive and his body movements were too far from being a cool guy. He was like a freed bull left alone to hit the wall. Such characters are emotional and they love it, because they show it often in the way the deliver dialogue (with huge pauses, voice fluctuations, tone ups and downs) , way they walk chauvinistically, the way fight with all fury and sudden outburst and the way they stay silent- almost never. These are rowdy characters and swear all kind of ugly things to their enemy. They believe in raw animal extinct and gentlemanliness is not a matter of consideration for them. When in front of an enemy, they do all kind of things to scare him from dialogues to ugly hand movements.

Strangely, Hindi Cinema is filled with such characters. Even some actors look like born to play this character such as Shah Rukh Khan (Karan Arjun, Anjaan, Don, Koyla), Sunny Deol (Ghayal, Ghatak, Border), Sunil Shetty (Gopi Kishan, Dilwale, Border), Akshay Kumar (Sangharsh, Khiladi),Sunjay Dutt (Kshatriya, Khalnayak) , Govinda , Rajni Kant . Hrithik Roshan in Angeepath remake was another example of this character. Infact excpet of a few like Amitabh bachchan, Ajay Devgan, Salman Khan (only in Karan Arjun), Amir Khan, Abhay Deol and Abhishek Bachchan (Refugee) every other actor has done major works in this characters only including a few actors in this list also. who switched to this genre after initial failures to pull first type like Salman and Abhishek. Along with them, not to mention all B grade characters are basically this sort.

Hollywood too has this types, though they are more sensible in their portrayal than their Indian counterparts. 300, Fight Club, Rambo, Terminator, Rocky, Die Hard,Mission Impossible, Django Unchained etc. Here also B grade ‘Machete’ movies are pure devotees to this kind of characterization.

borderMovie DieHardMovieKoylaMovie

In reality, the first character with calm and cool head is most admired, but is also the most susceptible to actor’s performance and market revenues. It takes an actor of Amitabh Bachchan and Clint EastWood level to pull this character, which is definitely neither a child’s play nor an easy character for experienced actors. And the reluctance of B grade film makers to this type of leading character shows that it is also very economically volatile idea, if not pulled out perfectly, could lead to disastrous revenues and a confused audience. On the other hand, the second genre of ‘hotheaded and emotionally volatile’ character is ideologically not sound. It creates wrong impression on viewers and if followed by them, can turn them into psychologically imbalanced violent alpha males. Why these characters are more economically successful? Because, people love people screaming, swearing and jumping like maniacs. They pay to watch this, if it is complimented with smart storyline. But then again, the greatest  characters considered by critics as well as film fraternity itself are Vijay of Deewar and Blondie of The Good, the bad and The Ugly , not Ajay of Ghayal or John McLaine of Die Hard. Certainly sophistication and calmness are rare features of men, and are undoubtedly the most valuable.


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