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First things first- Hindi is not the national language of India. (Do correct me if you have proof.)

Evidence: Gujarat High Court has observed that though majority of people in India have accepted Hindi as a national language, there was nothing on record to suggest that any provision has been made or order issued declaring Hindi as a national language of the country.The observation was made by division bench of Chief Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya and justice A.S. Dave  while rejecting a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) by one Suresh Kachhadia.The court observed, “Normally, in India, majority of the people have accepted Hindi as a national language and many people speak Hindi and write in Devanagari script but there is nothing on record to suggest that any provision has been made or order issued declaring Hindi as a national language of the country.”
“No mandamus can be issued on any manufacturer or others for giving details or particulars of package in Hindi in Devanagari script,” it further said. (Directly Ctrl C + Ctrl V from http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/article94695.ece)

Now the only thing once could ask is- “Then what this entire hoopla is all about?”. I have seen many north Indians posing this superficial status of Hindi on their Marathi, South Indian and North Eastern counterparts at workplaces, coffeehouses, meeting and many a time on personal functions. This Chinese whisper is so strong that I also believed in this till my schooling days ended, and no one among my teachers ever cleared this fact to me (Though they never claimed also that Hindi was national language). And I was totally stumped a few days back when my mother asked me if I respect Hindi or not, as it is our national language. Well! I do respect Hindi, and yes, it is not our national language. And when I tried explaining this thing to her, all I got was a frozen face gesture – “Don’t teach me now, I will check it myself!”. I know she never did.

So where it all started from? Partition. (May be!)

The creation of Pakistan was a jolt to not only the Hindostani culture and languages but also to the flexibility of certain sections of society towards liberal views. With the partition of Pakistan (East and West), the right wing propaganda reached to masses. Where there was a clear cut depiction of Urdu as superior language to Hindi in pro-Pakistani leaders, a certain section of our right wing also pitched for Hindi as a superior language. They were so indulged in hating Pakistan that they floated the idea of Hindi over Urdu just to settle scores with those who claimed the opposite in Pakistan. But the fact of the matter is that India was not Pakistan.

Pakistan was created on the basis of a religious sectarian ideology, but India remained secular, We never pushed Muslims and other minorities out, and never claimed ourselves as Hindu nation. Whereas Pakistani state adopted Islam as their religion, Indian state on the other hand didn’t adopt any religion. And this is the basis of freedom of religious beliefs in constitution. Constitution says that Indian state doesn’t have a religion of its own, and hence can’t interfere in matters between one individual and his religious beliefs , the state hence treats everyone from every religion as equals(secularism). So, as per  common logical perspective, Islamic state of Pakistan can opt for Urdu as a national language if they think of Urdu in connection with Islam (however I fail to see any such connection between a language and a religion), but Indian state can’t opt of any such conclusion. Not only this, India had around 500 languages at the time of independence, and we pursued the goal of federal structure (although constitution doesn’t mention it as federal, but union..its a different story) and union of states functionality. So as per principle , you can’t grant special status to a particular state in a union, hence you can’t grant special status to a language prominent to that state. A quick google search can let you know that only around 50-60% people in India actually can speak Hindi, and in them, I believe there would be many who don’t use Hindi in their workplace and don’t have Hindi as their mother tongue. So, now we have some data and arguments, and now we can ask that why should Hindi be our national language? Concept wise, reality wise and from any other wise, it surely doesn’t have the gravity to hold grounds as a national language. As a matter of fact, constitution has adopted Hindi as an official language, but then, it also adopted English as second official language. And different states have their own official languages.

So what this propaganda is all about? i think we are still flowing in the same flow (Partition). A few days back I was watching a TV series on one of the news channels. The host asked one villager- “Who is the prime minister of India?”. Villager-“Indira Gandhi!” Me- “Holy Cow!..its like living in an era of 40 years back.” Now with this level of general awareness, its very easy to give people a dose of very effective Chinese whisper – “Buddy! Hindi is out national language, know it well.” Reply -“Oh..okay! I will.” 

Well, the spread of this rumor could also be attributed to great migration from north India to South – Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Northies not only bought their work culture (office politics and all) but also their linguistic culture. Now since they used to speak in Mythili, Bhojpuri, Haryanavi, Urdu, Rajasthani etc in their respective regions, when they migrated to south, they used hindi to communicate with each other, as their mother tongues were more close to Hindi. And that you can easily figure out when u look at someone from haryana speaking hindi, or Bihar speaking hindi. There is always different versions of Hindi that they speak- mixed with their mother tongue. Many a times people who claim Hindi as national language can’t tell you the complete Hindi Varnamala and tables. How ironic is that? Seems like there are hardly any pure Hindi experts there. So I would suggest its better for them to learn English for communication with their south counterparts than to ask Southies learn Hindi on the basis of a false argument. Plus, learning English has its own advantages – Go and ask China and Korea what they lost because of english apathy in their country. It is also a fact that many a times northies try to hide behind Hindi to cover their ill knowledge of english. For example- You must have seen someone who start a sentence in English and in mid of that switches to Hindi..why? To cover up their poor knowledge of English, when they can’t get words from their Hindi filled minds with the same speed as they were speaking. How do I know? Well!  Because I tried it myself.

On the discussion arrives on whether Hindi should be a national language or not. I personally think that beauty of Hindi lies in the fact that it is the most flexible language of the world, it could be bhojpuri Hindi, it could be Hinglish, it could be Hryanavi Hindi, Punjabi Hindi, urdu mixed Hindi, Marathi Hindi, South Hindi (mix of da and aiyo!). If it becomes  the national language, its pure form will be restored and that will be introduced in every state’s textbooks- As a national language, this is minimum stuff that can happen. And hence, people will be forced to learn Hindi in its most pure forms, and this is where the fault lies, this can hamper the beauty of Hindi’s flexibility. This is evident from the fact that many off-stream Hindi literature books get a serious criticism from orthodox Hindi writers (Sahitya Academy lovers), for not following the pure form of Hindi.

 Also, with the kind of diversity we have (most diverse in world, more than 500 languages), we should abide by the rule of union by respecting the diversity and not favoring particulars. We should learn from our neighbors how linguistic discrimination can cause greater implications- Bangladesh separated from Pakistan on the grounds of improper and unfair representation to Bengali speaking people from rest of Pakistan, which was quite a possibility because of the way Pakistan pursued Urdu as a status symbol  for their existence. This is where Hindi lies. Hindi lies as language learnt by individual efforts , love for language, zeal to connect with others and certainly not as a compulsory national language. As I have seen a Bengali connecting with a Kannada through Hinglish. Bengali: ” Sit here! I will come after 5 mins, fir hum log chalta hai .” Kannada : “Jaldi krna da, i can’t wait for too long.” 






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Source:- http://storiesanddiscussions.blogspot.in (My orphan blog.)


In my second year of engg I heard this spine chilling story from one of the craziest guy in our branch. It was the time of after midnight hours and there was a power cut. I was sitting on my chair inside my room with two other roomies, when he came inside our room, with a cigarette in his hands. Before that all we were discussing about the presence of supernatural powers. Actually the power cut set up a dark atmosphere in the room, a perfect time to discuss the ghosts and all. He said that he had a story which he read somewhere in a local magazine. The story goes like this…..

One night a lady in her 30s was searching for a taxi cab in the area of church gate, Mumbai. It was 3:00 am in the morning, and no taxi driver was ready to go at that time of night. After half an hour a taxi driver agreed to take the lady to her destination, which was 7 km away from there. He thought that helping a lady in situation like this would add to his good deeds plus he would make some extra money out of the situation. He instructed the lady to sit on the back seat and started the engine. After traveling a few minutes he saw man on the road waving hands to stop the taxi. The taxi stopped and the man requested them to drop him somewhere in between. The driver said it would charge double, the man agreed. The driver thought that he would be able to talk at least if he took the man. So he agreed to take him and asked him to sit in front with him. Meanwhile the woman was silent and was continually watching the dark sky. After a few minutes the lady asked the driver to stop the taxi, when they were crossing a graveyard. The driver stopped and lady went out. She ran towards the graveyard. The driver watched her and said nothing. The man sitting next to driver asked that why did he not asked money from the lady. The driver said “fool! Didn’t you see her feet they were reversed, she was a witch.” The man laughed. The driver looked at him with anger. The man said “dear! You only noticed her feet, what about me?” the driver then looked at the man’s feet and they were reversed. The next morning police found dead body of the driver in the taxi, his eyes turned all black.

After the story ended we were a bit horrified, I accept that is due to the power cut, thanks to the govt. but after a few minutes, my room partner asked a simple question “ if every body traveling that night in the taxi were dead by the next day , then who the hell told the secret of driver’s death to the people who published this story?”
We looked towards the guy who told us the story and he said “yaar! This is the magazine which publishes the stories about Hanuman ji living even today, Ashwathaama living in jungles, aliens in the ocean, end of the world in 2012 etc.” we all laughed.

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10 Best Reads- Books.

“There are more worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.”-Ray Bradbury.

1. Mrityunjaya (by Shivaji Sawant):



Originally in Marathi (I read its Hindi translated version), this one is a biography of Karna. Written in a very unique style of different narrative versions of Karna, Kunti, Krishna which makes the reasoning more logical from both sides of the fence. And there is no mythical description of warfare but the more real picture of the war affairs.But this is not what makes this book special,its the literary prose of the book. There are some very extraordinary similes and metaphors being used in the book, and they need a very liberal mind to interpret their true essence. For example- Mention of breast milk at the event when Kunti first met Karna to signify the essence of motherhood. Its was written in a very beautiful way, and yet had a very strong meaning pertaining to the situation, which is something one can’t resist applauding after first read. Similarly the mention of characters was very beautiful because of the kind of fairness and respect given to every character by the author. Duryodhan (Kaurav side) and Arjun (Pandav side) were never portrayed as antihero or hero, evil or good, they were portrayed just like simple men with simple yet extraordinary qualities and basic human instincts. This flavor of neutrality is what makes this book so special. And the soul of the book is moved by basic inspiration of excellence and character building by a man despite being oppressed and fighting against contemporary social evils of cast-ism and feudalism.

2. Code name God (by Mani Bhowmick):



This one is the masterpiece from the man who invented LASIK. Mani explains the characteristics and features of god, and successfully proves the existence of god from scientific point of view. And its so simple and logical than mythological tales from Holy books that it appeals to the reader in a very amazing way. From a literary point of view , its one of the most simply written books I have ever read. Mani brings very lively explanation of wealth and philanthropy along with Gandhian values. Mani also tells story from his childhood and you can’t stop yourself being motivated. Though he cautiously dealt with his poor living days, but you would surely think of him as a phoenix raising from ashes.And ultimately the search of God is what makes this book so soul catching. Along with that, small affairs of Mani with celebrity girls bring light moments and laughter in the book, time to time. To put in simple words, if you love science and believe in god- go for this book.

3.The Fountainhead (by Ayn Rand):



The queen of objectivism and rational thoughts brings an amazing fiction of an imaginary genius- Howard Roark. This book is simply revolutionary, this is to creative objectivists what Das-Kapital is to communists. The situations are simple and sometimes non attractive but they are interwoven with fabric of conversation between different characters, where lies the masterstroke of this book. You simply can’t get enough of what Roark says, his one liners and his attitude. Other characters are also well defined and pose a very strong resemblance to our day to day life, and this is what makes this book so lively. You can find a Keating,Wynand,Toohey etc in your day to day life, although finding a Roark is tough (had been impossible for me).The charcter of Toohey was inspired by British socialist Harold Laski, and hence Toohey brings the most impressive conversations on social hegemony of creative minds.Except of the finer details about the architecture sciences, the rest of the book holds the readers tight and scratch their minds with the different views of the world.

4.Peoplewatching (by Desmond Morris):


This one is the book of body-languages and psychology reading, in a scientific way. Desmond Morris being a Zoologist primarily brings the features of humans and their significance in defining their mental quotients on different sets of qualities like fear, happiness, confidence, habits etc. However in his effort to estimate and draw a map of mental features of a human being, he sometimes compare humans too naively with other animals and their character sets, underestimating the complexity of human mind. But, these are small references in the book and bring no such nonsense element. Reading about primary behaviors like thumb-sucking, restless legs and hands, different angled neck and body postures etc are fun to read and their interpretations sometimes amaze. You can’t stop evaluating yourself while reading this book, only to find that there are certain exceptions in every scenario, hence your analysis could be wrong. But then this book is definitely helpful in basic behavior and body-language reading. Morris has written in a very non complex way and tried his best to interest the readers with dynamic flow and examples of the book.One of the most unique books in this genre.

5.The Greatest Secret in the World (by Og Mandino):



This one is not an ordinary ‘Robin Sharma’ type motivational book.Rather this one is a work book.This is a very good account of mind conditioning and Og hasn’t used that word anywhere in the book-Amazing!. The plan and exercises in the book seem naive at first sight but are rather quite powerful in making an eventful and lively day out of an ordinary nothing so special day.But the book asks for too much commitment, and this may not be the case for a few of us lazy souls,who resist their best to be bound in a set of rules and discipline. But as the book says- indiscipline and procrastinations are bad habits, one must get rid of them. Hence the first few weeks with the book is actually tough where you go nowhere, but stuck with first ten pages. But once the discipline is created,the book starts developing your mindset and sometimes reflections on events.In simple- surrender completely , and leave the rest to the book- result shall be fruitful.

6. God Created Integers (by Stephen Hawkins):


Strictly for science and specially math lovers. This is an historical account of mathematical genesis from time of early Greeks(Pythagoras) to modern minds (Alan Turing).The proof and Q.E.D are not plain text book theorems but rather a real time synopsis and analysis of nature, and its mathematical implications. If you want to see a whole picture about Irrational numbers, Fibonacci Series, Binary Systems etc, go for this book. Hawkins’ way of penning down a clear thought about mathematical fundamentals is really appreciable. He doesn’t spend too much pages on writing about complex nature of things, but rather emphasized in evolution of mathematical thought. So if you have hunger for knowledge, this one is your buffet.

7. Moonwalking with Einstein (by Joshua Foer):



Amazing stuff! Joshua is an pan-American memory athlete and champion. This book is his autobiography styled written memory improvement book. The book moves ahead with Joshua’s life as a normal man and his amazement with memorizers with great capacity he met, to Joshua’s becoming as one the memory athlete himself. In coarse of his struggle to achieve a good memory, the lessons given to him are actually written out to help the reader. The techniques are so powerful that you can test them yourself with simple no requirement of assets. The book is written in a light and joyful flavor and comic timings are special treat to readers. One of the most creative books about a topic that is more or less out of normal public reach-memory athleticism. This book inspire you to try the techniques yourself and amaze you when you find them so powerful. But good things come with a package- here it is mental exhaustion of techniques, which makes them tough to use routinely.

8. Greatest Works of Kahlil Gibran:


Kahlil Gibran is a Sufi poet, and writes about reflection of soul and humanity. But that is not what is so special about him, what is special is his literary genius of portraying soul and life in simple words and situations.He is one of his kind, and can’t be compared with anyone in this genre. Poems written by him are simple, powerful and very soul satisfying. Gibran reflects upon almost every individual hurdle of characters of a man and redefine the entire concept of soul by those characters. This book moves the soul of reader and has the tendency to sooth or calm the unsettling minds.For example- In one of his works, he defines beauty and ugliness as individual women, and defines their characteristics, based on a story- which is a very moving account of nature in a simple way.Not much can be written about his work, but rather it should be experienced by reader himself.

9. Swami and friends (by R.K Narayan):


The most beautiful book ever read. RKN is a magician and he unveils the sorcery of emotions and lives framed in rural India. Simple Marvelous! Most amazing aspect of the book is its appeal to all age groups- a ten years old may find it as tickling as a 60 years old may find it nostalgic. Nostalgic! yes the book is very nostalgic, as it will force you to remember your childhood days and friends and as the book moves , you would identify yourself as the protagonist-Swami. The simplicity is the masterpiece of this book and the naive accounts of kid’s affairs is something to cherish. As Swami grows up and new circumstances develop in his life, the reader is forced to stare at his life with amazement and too much emotional involvement. This one is a one-go book, you pick it up and you don’t want to leave it till you finish. This is how RKN unveils his magic.




The charisma of Napoleon is still very much alive, and this book proves the same. The smartly written Emil Ludwig’s work is a complete account of Napoleon’s life, which inspire extraordinarily. The character of Napoleon is well developed by Emil and there is little or no extrapolation of circumstances around Napoleon,which makes this book special. This is not fully praise nor entirely critical of Napoleon, which makes his character more real and which makes the character of this book more genuine. Emil’s way of writing is simple and flow of the book is dynamic. Little attention is given on the non important events of Napoleon’s life and more significant events were rigorously told and explained. This is a very ordinary book yet it is special for being a fair biography, not a all gaga biography about the protagonist.

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You suck@ FB.

  • If you think that you will ask me and i will like your status, i might do a ‘LIKE’, but u suck like a no one else does @ FB.
  • If you think we are interseted in knowing what kind of clothes do you like to wear on what day of week, you are a suckerpunch @ our face.
  • If you think you will post thousand pics with almost same positions and gestures, and expect us to like them all, you suck and you should thank FB for not having dislike.
  • If you think we are intersted in your relationship status (you are not girl here), you are suckerking of amazon.
  • If you think you will post every movie review first day first show, writing like newspaper critics, judging movie’s direction, acting,cinematography,background score, let us tell – you suck, could have written good/avg/bad.
  • If you think that we are interested in- you are in office on weekends and how you feel about that, well my friend you suck because we all hate being in office on weekends, so no need to say that.
  • If you think that we would like to know what are you cooking or have cooked- you are suckingham palace.
  • If you think you would review a book and would post best quotes from there, FYI no one is reading because you suck at it.
  • If  you  think you will write something philosophical from a great author, and have the balls to mention the name of of that author in you post- well Mr.Suckerson you shouldn’t have written his name because we are your friends who are interested in your quotes, not this writer of yours.
  • If you think that since because you have purchased a nice SLR camera, you can torture us with all the crap on earth being pictured and posted , whether or not it is making any sense to us, u are sucking our blood@ FB.
  • If you think that we interested in knowing what music are you listening, and you expect us to like that, because you want yourself to be seen as a cool guy who play cool music- LOL..you suck like vampire bats.
  • If you think that you can write a poem that has a rhyme just for the sake of rhyming in every second sentence , and want us to like that, because you want a recognition that how well you can write a poem apart from your crappy job- well stop sucking Mr. Shakespeare.
  • If you think that you can write Ghalib’s shayari and all something to that of your own- don’t dare to touch the masterpiece because that sucks.
  • If you think that you will post something  crappy related to Congress or Nehru/Gandhis, and we don’t care whether its true or not- well, well, well….that might be true, but you can be framed for cyber crime- Mr. Suckeeeeeeeeeeeeer.
  • If you think that you will post a template showing gods in nature and ask us to distribute it because we have seen god in that picture, we prefer to be blind and you should prefer being a sucker.
  • If you think that you will write-”i am here with so and so/ doing this and that..its sooo..fun”…grow up you blood sucking monster.
  • If you think that you have had enough with this sucking blog, don’t just be a sucker ducker, comment and let me know!

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Man cook herbs, gods make medicine, gods make cure,
Man make fire, god make light,
Man plow the seed, god make them tree,
Man work throughout life, god write destiny

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Just when you think that you could not get more worse, you could not be more hurt , you could not be volatile to others,you could not be more apart from yourself, it appears. It is the cause of your apathy, factor behind all your pain, yet when it comes to bottom point, only it can and will save you. You thought that this thing has caused you misery and pain only, think again. The same thing drags you out of your own created filth and shame.

Once you were happy and successful, but the sun doesn’t shine in the night. And when the night came for you, you made it the scapegoat. It can be the muddy window through which you were watching your nights, or it can be the mud itself in your eyes. But the arrival of night should be blamed on windows, but on the eye itself which can’t find out even a small day out of darkest nights. But you will sure get to see the sun again, and this time , the window will concentrate the sunshine on your blind eyes, waking you out of you long dark dreams about night. And this can be done only by a broken glass window, which scatter the concentrated light rays through its broken lines. Only this light shock can wake the dead inside you. And yet you blame the window being broken and muddy.

You build this castle of your own and now you say that u are being captured inside this. You made its walls too hard and filled with tar, to avoid the enemy to come inside, and then when some fresh wind stopped to blow in your hollow ears, you blamed the castle walls of being very solid. May be it is protecting you from the cold winds of outside at the cost of fresh air. But these walls will warm you when the winter come,so please hold till your bones feel the chill of winters, summers are anyways not so cruel.

You made this picture of your own, and now when u have seen some better pictures around you, you say bad about the picture you made. The world is filled with artists, but none has the skill to parallel the beauty of your soul. And did you forget that your soul was framed in that picture of yours? So, may god bless you with the eyes to see your own soul in that picture, and see the perfection in the imperfect texture of your life frame. You never read your own life frame, but always saw the frames hung on adjoining walls. Well, the far you go, the far will you be from the greatest portrait ever made. So when u feel that the world has become a cemetery, and all the beauty has gone all of a sudden , please look to what you have made first. And you will surely get to see the origin of beauty in the world.

Long since the beginning of time , it has amazed you like a philosopher’s stone, pushing your mind to dwell in a multiverse of perception. It appears to you as a window when you look outside your reality, it appears to you as a castle when u suffocate because of lack of thoughts from outside, and it appears to you as a picture, a portrait when your perception starts painting the world outside. For every other reason and perception that you have, you should respect your ego. Your ego is the first thing u create after u born, and its as natural as your birth itself. Respect your ego, make it as large as to contain the entire universe in it rather than making it small, to contain only your race, your caste or any other form of your people. And always remember, the only true survival skill you made for your self if your ego, so respect it in whatever form it is, and expand it merge with others. Then , the best man, which you will be one day,have the ego of the entire universe, he is everything and everything points to him.

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A new idea is delicate. It can be killed by a sneer or a yawn; it can be stabbed to death by a joke or worried to death by a frown on the right person’s brow.
Charles Brower

Out of my lazy and half sleepy mind, suddenly comes out a flash of crazy idea to pen down anything that simple floats in my mind,  and then try to percieve it as a selling product. And with some great amazement, the ideas were really igniting, though not very polished, only second to the ideas which come into once’s mind after having a few pags of royal british scotch. So here they are, in front of you. Treat them like anything u want, as they just floated out of mind, without any second thought colliding on their surface.Since no idea is second to other,i am giving them all ranking 1. that’s weird!

  1. Open Education Portals

Lets suppose we have a system where any student can go anywhere in the nation to study anything and then appear for any sort of test. And if he passes that test , he will be awarded a certificate for that. Study shall be done on a portal like facebook or anything else which could be accessed from anywhere in the country, just pay for internet bills and study. No university, no graduations, no schools, just study anything u want and then appear for exams. Wouldn’t that be exciting when a student would have a very versatile profile like certificates in Maths, Music, Media,and International relations.

  1. Free ware profit sharing sites

What if the google or the yahoo or the microsoft tell u to be their bussiness head for a certain period of time and whatever profit the company makes in that period , u will get a share of that, depending on the profit made. This very stupid but simple idea can give birth to a whole lot of freeware sites which can be manged in different domains in different geographical locations by different people, and all those people will get a share of benefit their domain would make in that period.Lets suppose I made a website , say newstories.com. Now newstories.com would have different domains like horror, romance,GK,science,fiction,general etc. Lets supppose we assign these domains to different number of people in a country, and tell them –“Listen buddy!..u guys have got two months of time, anything that your section will make in these two months, you will get 5% of that.”. Numerous people will be drawn to such company, and will put their best effort to fetch company the profit. Good deal for company, good deal for people, plus we create a large pool of freelancers.

  1. Home kitchen restaurant.

No one of us like to go to a restaurant to get a costly meal,we prefer home made food. What if there is one portal where u can find list of people in the city who offer u food made in their kitchen. Lets suppose your cook is not available for a week. But no worries, u just go to that portal online or make a call , to see which all houses near you are provding kitchen food today, at what rates. And then u book your timings for the meal, you go to the house, pass them the slip , eat there in family environment, pay them and come back. That is from the customer point of view, from the point of view of person provinding the services, he can be made famous showcasing his cookery skills by not even opening a restaurant, but in his won kitchen. Making money out of what you do everyday, at your own costs. Housewives would be so happy.

  1. Idea garner Sites

I really wanted one site where I could go and draft my ideas  with the use of some tools and then very easily file a patent from my name for that ideas, plus publisize my idea. And if some one like my idea to be purchased and to be further used for his bussiness, we can fix a deal using the site, paying  a certain share to site. Is there any site like this, where u can find if that thing u are thinking about has already been created by some one else and u should not spend too much on that idea, as its already there. Is there a site which provide me ideas for starting a new bussiness, where I am willing to pay for that idea too?

  1.  payBill sites.

What if someone takes care of all your bills, your landline bill, your electricity bills,your house rents, your insurance payments, your inverstments, your gas bills or any sort of bill you pay in your routine life. Wouldn’t that be cool , if all the bills are sent to that one point, and they pay them all, sending you an integrated report. In return, you pay them the amount of bills, plus some service charge. Atleast they are saving you time to go to different locations to submit the bills. Every one like timely submission of bills , with no hectic go here-there schedule.

Well I am running short of ideas now, may be someother day, they float in my mind. As far as these ideas are concerned, I am not that energetic nor that disciplined to implement them right now. May be anyone of you would use that for making some buks.

Till then, signing off,

Your own,

Dustbin brainer


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