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I exist for a drop of soul,
Hidden beneath the barren smiles,
I exist for a comforting breeze,
While facing hot air for thousand miles.

What remains is not eternal,
In this world of joy and sorrow.
What remains is not fragile,
In this world of eternal tomorrow.

I pray for dust and sand,
To build a path on this never-ending pain.
I pray for a river of hope,
Flowing under my dusty lane.

So, I exist like a God,
Immortal among the mortal desires.
So, I exist like a man,
Mortal in this cosmic gyre.


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Haikus From Hell.

So, I have written my first set of Haikus, and asked my friend, who is pro in poetry, to review them. He said, “Only Demons could have written Haikus like this, these are from hell”. Hence I got the title of this post.

Why so serious? Source: underthegiantpenny.blogspot.com

Why so serious?
Source: underthegiantpenny.blogspot.com


Winter winds are soft,
No geyser in my bathroom,
Cold, Cough and Fever.

Girl looked at me,
In awe, I opened my mouth,
Lollipop fell off.

Kids making paintings,
Vivid colors and creative.
Grand papa is blind.

Is exam over ?
Agony, apathy and hardship.
I have to pee now.

Great were those players,
Ganguly, Dravid, Sachin.
Kicked out of team.

Hrithik, Amir, Irfan
Deepika ,Vidhya, Jolie
Jhony lever best.

Dad came in the room,
Books, Books and books here and there,
Me watching movie.

Mom in the kitchen,
Chicken, chapati and kheer,
I have loose motions.

Haikus are so tough,
Imagination required.


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The Season of Rain.


Once the earth bled, red and green.
Time saw this and only smiled.
Why your happiness feed upon my blood,
Asked the bled earth,and Time winked.
I am witness to your fouls and love,
Love you poured on your sons,
And fouls they gave you.
Yet you ask me why I smile,
I smile as I ever did, and you cry,
As you always did.Then Earth hymned,
I bleed, yet love is my only blood,
Hate is not for mothers of solitude.
But you ‘The father’ habit hate,
For you didn’t bear your pain,
Evolving into a life upon your soul.
My destiny is sins of my sons,
And their destiny is my benevolence.
So,I am elated to be perished nourishing,
Than to burn down as a futile Venus.
Hey God! You envy my mortality,
For time never dies, and dwells in ubiquity.
You will watch all my lives and deaths,
and  you will always be youthful as ever,
So, do you laugh at your karma, or me?
So, do you laugh at my win, or your tragedy?
As I see more sorrow bleeding from your smile,
Than my bleeding body and soul.
You carry the wounds of past,
The blood of your sons in present
And you behold the future and destiny,
Of your wife and sons in your chest.
Yet you can’t spell out a word of caution,
For you are the God and the Father,
Your love is enthralled by your promise,
Promise to be a dumb and a deaf.
But I ‘The Mother’ can love them,
Love them till the sun dies, and born again.
If the torment of their will is my return,
Isn’t it still a good bargain for the love ?
Love they shower me as newborns.
Love they shower me when they die,
Dissolving in my own body and soul.
Isn’t it a good bargain to bleed for them?
Those who die with me when I perish,
Those who call me home, and cry for me,
Those who fight for me, yet always loose.
Those who paint me yellow and green.
So,I see more sorrow bleeding from your smile,
Than my bleeding body and soul.
And the Time howled, with eyes closed,
His tears deluged over the Earth,
Drenching Earth and her sons, with love,
Love of ‘The Father’ and ‘The God’.
And hence came the season of Rain.

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I am a wanderer;
Chasing bright sun and breeze,
gazing at the stars in night’s bowl,
while resting with my restless soul,
under the cold blanket of trees.
As, I am a wanderer.

I have no home to reach;
My flesh is where I dwell;
My breath is what I feed,
and a journey is all I need,
to aid my soul to fuel.
As, I have no home to reach.

I have no destiny to testify;
I illude my fate to be,
something I can never become,
somewhere I can never succumb.
My stars are written by me,
As, I have no destiny to testify.

I am a wanderer;
And that is my reality;
As real as an illusion could be,
illusion that I am not free,
But I am free from peak and parity,
As, I am a wanderer.

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Dense and Lights

Dark are the shadows of dense,

lights have the images to think,

lights will conqour a half chance,

and dense will surely sink.

Lights not to favour your game,

and dense are for guns to fill,

lights will reach their own aim,

but dense will be the reason to kill.

Dense always embrace the soil,

lights kiss the clouds of the sky,

dense cause the journeys to foil,

and lights make them feel shy.

Dense make ignorance crown of agony,

sheilded by their arrogance and will,

lights praise vision- fresh and sunny,

letting the life boat to ride thrill.

Dense sounds damp and fast,

lights have vibrations of a song,

voices of dense die too fast,

and lights are heard for a long.

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Me & you.

you can find me,

as i m not hidden,

as i m not far,

as i allowed you to reach me.

you can hurt me ,

as i don’t sheild,

as i don’t build,

as i don’t hold a weapon.

you can abuse me,

as i have a sugar tongue,

as i have hollow ears,

as i expect u the same.

you can cheat me,

as i m not currupt,

as i m not fierce,

as i hold enough to be crooked.

but you should love me,

as i m completely yours,

as i m pure and soft,

as i run behind you for love.

but you should embrace me,

as i have huge arms,

as i have a pillow heart,

as i m waiting to be embraced.

and you should fill me,

as i m all hollow,

as i m incomplete without you,

as i m nothing but only you!

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a letter to god.

dear god,

first of all thank you for creating me, i think u had a tough time bearing me in the heavens, so u sent me here , so u sent me here, on earth, and that though in a time when rivers are smelling bad, when the air is filled with smoke, when the bacterias and viruses are more stronger than before, when nations are volatile,when humanity is confined to speeches only, when earth is dancing wild wearing storms and droughts both,when man is slowly becoming more like an animal,when kids are grown on powdered milk, when olds die at the age of 50-60, when youngs are drunk and drugged,when animals are are thrown out of jungles, when fishes are thrown out of sea,when the sun glows to burn the earth and when seeing all these people say “all is well”.

But i believe this is a part of your teachings, those who learn their lessons survive and those who don’t are perished.

There are men who are saying that god doesnot exist, but i know they pray to you when they are alone, asking you for help, sometimes even trying to bribe you. And for men who forget your presence, you check them by sending devils, devils in form of diseases, disasters,distress. anyways, by the end of their lives, they all know where they are going, accepting your presence.

There are many who created devils using your tools of science and mathematics. For them , i know u have made a special cell in hell.

But there are few of those who are trying to understand what u have created billions of years ago, saying that one day they will solve this puzzle of your creation in what they say a grand unification theory. however when asked to judge the nature of irrational numbers or complex numbers, they all just make funny faces like a 5 years old.

Anyways now, that u have sent me here, please do something to correct the current situaton here. i know u are angry for we have not kept the your gift the way u gave us, but on behalf of entire human race and also those who are inhuman, i say sorry! i know u will not do something overnight or visible. But atleast provide these newly born souls the courage to listen their soul’s voice, courage to act against the current systems,  courage to revert the changes that made your gift untidy, and last but not the least, courage to be a human.

with respect and love,

A part of your soul.

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