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ever thought what could be the result if we try to personify the different states of india? well, here are my choices for five of the most talked about states:-

1. Uttar Pradesh : The Political Leader

although it has severe problems like population, curruption, organised crime, lawlessness etc, this state actually produced some of the finest and most influencial leaders of modern India. Be it A.B Bajpayee , Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Rajiv Gandhi,Choudhary Charan Singh or any of the other elected 14 prime ministers of India. And guess what, this is not merely luck, this has been the rooted in culture of UP, to be political. UP people start learning their political lessons at early school days itself , where they face regionalism, religionalism, castism along with maths and other subjects. and by the time u complete your graduation from UP, you would finish knowing the entire maths of Indian political playground. These people are most destructively creative, if compelled to do so, an important feature of being a politico in India.

2.Delhi : The Cowboys

yes, its almost like a hollywood cowboy flick, where there is entire city being thrown into some rude conversation and regular gun shots. Delhi, though is national capital, but is surely the rudest state of India. Just be here for a month or so, and u can catch up with some road rash, where there would not be any gender bias, or any age discrimination. They would scold you  irrespect of  who you are, a 20 years old girl or a 70 years old gentleman. Delhi is now famous for its rude mannerism, people here are holding guns in their mouth, firing whenever there is any minute chance of conflict and guess what, they call it, people management. often u can see some teenagers in delhi metro chatting with load voices, where their chat consists of several metaphors indicating mothers and sisters, pathetic.

3.Haryana: The Sportsman

yes, what else could you think about haryana , other than this after CWG. this land of Khap Pachayats has now been termed as sports land of India, those medal winners stole the entire show of Khaps, i feel sorry for them now!

4.Karnataka: The Gentleman

thats true, be in b’lore, and u will find people there being very much like a gentleman. they talk soft US english , thanks to IT industry, they are trendy,the have neat and well fitted attire, they are enough technically skilled, and most important, they are peace loving poeple. be it Mysore, mangalore, coorg or any other place, people are very soft spoken and gentle. I mean , how many times have you seen any bad news coming out from Karnataka? Except those idiots, who went on a rampage in a disco once, but that has been a story of many north indian states.

5.Bihar : The Brat

bihar has been the land of most intelligent people, just look at the merit list of IAS, IIT,CDS,Medicals etc. the land of Magadh Empire , which was one of the most powerful in india once, bihar now symbolises democratic and administrative failure of india. A state, which is so  rich with natural resources, is exporting its labour to other states and fournishing the concepts of Mao Zedong. Bihar is surely the Brat, of Mother India.


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a letter to god.

dear god,

first of all thank you for creating me, i think u had a tough time bearing me in the heavens, so u sent me here , so u sent me here, on earth, and that though in a time when rivers are smelling bad, when the air is filled with smoke, when the bacterias and viruses are more stronger than before, when nations are volatile,when humanity is confined to speeches only, when earth is dancing wild wearing storms and droughts both,when man is slowly becoming more like an animal,when kids are grown on powdered milk, when olds die at the age of 50-60, when youngs are drunk and drugged,when animals are are thrown out of jungles, when fishes are thrown out of sea,when the sun glows to burn the earth and when seeing all these people say “all is well”.

But i believe this is a part of your teachings, those who learn their lessons survive and those who don’t are perished.

There are men who are saying that god doesnot exist, but i know they pray to you when they are alone, asking you for help, sometimes even trying to bribe you. And for men who forget your presence, you check them by sending devils, devils in form of diseases, disasters,distress. anyways, by the end of their lives, they all know where they are going, accepting your presence.

There are many who created devils using your tools of science and mathematics. For them , i know u have made a special cell in hell.

But there are few of those who are trying to understand what u have created billions of years ago, saying that one day they will solve this puzzle of your creation in what they say a grand unification theory. however when asked to judge the nature of irrational numbers or complex numbers, they all just make funny faces like a 5 years old.

Anyways now, that u have sent me here, please do something to correct the current situaton here. i know u are angry for we have not kept the your gift the way u gave us, but on behalf of entire human race and also those who are inhuman, i say sorry! i know u will not do something overnight or visible. But atleast provide these newly born souls the courage to listen their soul’s voice, courage to act against the current systems,  courage to revert the changes that made your gift untidy, and last but not the least, courage to be a human.

with respect and love,

A part of your soul.

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Let the game begun

No fear, no greed,

No rules, no heed,

And u r ready to hit me hard,

So, let the game begun.


Enough blood, enough pain,

Enough fire, enough rain,

And u can smell my flesh.

So,let the game begun.


Brutal eyes , brutal gage,

Brutal vibes, brutal rage,

And u hold the gun,

So, let the game begun.


Mortal lies, mortal blame,

Mortal empathy, mortal shame.

And u think u r immortal,

So, let the game begun.


lethal u, lethal game,

lethal desire,lethal name,

But this time u face me,

So, let the game begun.

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many think that if they yell a few taunts and sledge someone after some road side spat, they are courageous , they are  strong. Some think if they build large muscles like some Hollywood actor, they would be courageous and strong. But let me tell you what real courage means, what real strength is.

i was waiting  for metro rail to arrive at heavily populated Rajiv Chowk Station. there were waiting lines at every token counter, of let me say at least  20. policeman were busy  doing their routine check. At the last of one of such lines was a man carrying two bags with one hand, whereas the other hand held two crutches. on one of his shoulders was sitting a boy, who didn’t have the portion of legs below the knee, for both legs.  the boy was sitting facing perpendicular to the man’s face on his shoulder. and the most amazing thing was, that unlike others there who were a bit frustrated due to long lines and humid weather, the man was smiling and saying something to the boy, sitting on his shoulder. They both were laughing, like they had a great day, and were discussing something. i was amazed to see them laughing, all i could think was “why they are so happy, they are in no better situation”. And this is what I say courage and strength, to defy the odds of life and to smile over moments you cherish. That was amazing,  and let me tell you , their courage didn’t go wasted, like me a policeman also noticed the same, he went to the man…told him to go to bag-checks, meanwhile he purchased tokens for the man and his boy.

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